2024 Ford F-150 Pickup Updated to Focus on Hybrids and Tech

2024 ford f 150 tremor
2024 Ford F-150 Focuses on Hybrids, Modern TechFord
  • The Ford F-150 is getting a refresh for 2024, bringing boxier looks and a host of new features.

  • The hybrid model will become more prevalent in 2024 and will now cost the same amount as at the 3.5-liter EcoBoost gas model.

  • Ford has designed a new tailgate for easy access when towing and will offer the F-150 with a head-up display for the first time.

The 2024 Ford F-150 doesn't represent a new generation for America's bestselling vehicle, but major changes are coming to the truck when sales kick off in early 2024. Ford has reconfigured the engine lineup, spruced up the cabin with more technology, and added several new features that aim to make the F-150 a more versatile vehicle. The high-performance Raptor and Raptor R models also receive their fair share of upgrades for 2024, covered separately.

2024 ford f 150 stx

The styling alterations are subtle but significant. On pricier trims, the headlights are bordered by new LED running lights that combine with the boxy grille for a square-jawed look. The lower-end models have a "coast to coast" grille that fully envelops the headlights in a wide rectangular unit. A similar look is seen on the Tremor model, albeit adorned with orange lipstick. The taillights and bumpers were also redesigned, and an appearance package that blacks out the trim is now offered on more variants.


The F-150 also wears a revised version of the classic Blue Oval, simplified with bigger and bolder white lettering.

Hybrid Takeover

Under the hood, the F-150 ditches the base 3.3-liter V-6, which made 290 horsepower and 265 pound-feet of torque. Instead, the EcoBoost 2.7-liter V-6 becomes the entry-level engine, the twin-turbocharged motor upping output for base-model F-150s with a potent 325 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. For traditionalists, Ford continues to offer the truck with a 5.0-liter V-8 that pumps out 400 ponies.

2024 ford f 150 platinum rear

Ford is repositioning the PowerBoost for 2024, bringing the hybrid model into the spotlight. Currently hybrids comprise 10 percent of F-150 sales, but the automaker aims to double the production mix of the 430-hp twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 hybrid. And although Ford hasn't officially released pricing yet, the company announced that the PowerBoost will now start at the same price as the gas-only 400-hp EcoBoost 3.5-liter engine.

With 570 pound-feet of torque, the hybrid has the highest horsepower and torque figures in the lineup—apart from the Raptor models, of course. PowerBoost-equipped F-150s also come standard with Pro Power Onboard, a 2.4-kW inverter in the bed that can supply juice to everything from cooking accessories to power tools. Ford now touts the fact that buyers won't have to pay more for extra power and Pro Power Onboard; we wonder how many shoppers will forgo those features for the gas-only 3.5-liter.

For 2024, Ford also said that Pro Power Onboard will provide a revised interface on the center screen or in Ford's phone app that displays a clearer depiction of the vehicle's power supply. As before, buyers can upgrade to a 7.2-kW unit for more professional powering needs, while gas-only trucks can be had with a 2.0-kW inverter.

Modernizing the Icon

2024 ford f 150 interior

The layout in the cabin is largely the same, but all F-150s now come with a 12-inch touchscreen and 12-inch digital gauge cluster as standard. For the first time the F-150 will be offered with a head-up display, which includes custom screens for BlueCruise, towing, and off-road drive modes. The head-up display will be offered on the Lariat and higher trims.

Out back, Ford has fitted the new Pro Access tailgate, which rivals the multi-functional tailgate gizmos offered by Chevrolet and Ram. This optional new setup features a gate in the center that can open independently to three preset angles: 37 degrees, which is just shy of most trailer jacks, 70 degrees, and a full 100 degrees. The new setup allows quick access to the bed without having to lean over the open tailgate.

2024 ford f 150 tremor

Combined with a widened bumper step, the gate also allows for quick and easy access to the tailgate even with towing, opening on the driver's side for added convenience. Most classic tailgates will also be available, with the Pro Access tailgate standard on the King Ranch and Platinum and optional on the Lariat and Tremor.

Once in the bed, you'll find a new storage box behind the right rear wheel well with a one gallon capacity. This hidey-hole could stash tie-down straps, emergency kits, or gloves. On trucks without Pro Power Onboard, storage boxes will be fitted on both sides of the bed.

Help behind the Wheel

2024 ford f 150 xlt

The F-150 comes with 10 standard driver assistance features, with updated versions of pre-collision assist with emergency braking, lane-keeping, and blind-spot warning. For 2024, Ford is introducing an optional "exit warning" feature that alerts you to approaching vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists when you are about to step out of the truck.

Ford is also implementing a new safety feature, designed for when you're not driving. Stolen Vehicle Services (SVS) will notify owners via the phone app if there is an unauthorized attempt to access their vehicle, and if the owner believes it's a true threat, SVS will work with local authorities to track and find the vehicle and can remotely prevent the thief from disabling location services.

For those who need to tow—which Ford says is 75 percent of F-150 customers—Ford continues to offer Pro Trailer Backup Assist, Pro Trailer Hitch Assist, and onboard scales that measure payload to ensure you don't overload the truck. Towing capacity remains at a maximum of 13,500 pounds, depending on spec, with payload topping out at 2455 pounds. These figures are down slightly because Ford has standardized the 36-gallon fuel tank across the lineup.

2024 ford f 150 tremor

On the Tremor and Raptor models, Ford has crafted a new optional modular front bumper, designed to fit either a factory-accessory light bar or a dealer-installed Ford Performance Winch Kit with a WARN 12,000-pound winch. The bumper includes extra cameras and sensors, since installing the light bar or winch can block the standard front-facing sensing equipment. The bumper is finished in either Tarnished Dark Anodized and Carbon Black colors.

Ford also upgraded BlueCruise, their hands-free highway driving tech. Version 1.2 introduces lane change assist, with the vehicle executing lane changes when the occupant presses the turn signal and the path is clear. There is also a new in-lane repositioning feature that can move the vehicle within the lines—to give more space when alongside a semi truck, for example. Ford also modernized the F-150 by fitting a 5G LTE modem (through AT&T) that can provide Wi-Fi hotspots for up to ten people and faster mapping.

Ford hasn't said when exactly the 2024 F-150 will go on sale, but we expect it to start arriving in dealerships early next year. Prices should rise slightly, with the XL currently starting at $35,830 and the top-dog Limited, which will be replaced by a trim called Platinum Plus, opening at $84,115.

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