2024 Ford F-150 Tremor, Raptor R, and Platinum Plus walkthroughs at the 2023 Detroit Auto Show

Ford brought three trims of its refreshed 2024 F-150 to the Detroit Auto Show, including the Tremor, Raptor R and Platinum. The Tremor shows off Ford’s fancy, new Pro Access Tailgate and a new modular bumper with a Ford Performance winch kit on it. Meanwhile, the Raptor R showcases Ford’s 5.2-liter supercharged V8 and new Fox dual-valve shocks that improve off-roading and on-road handling even more. Finally, we turn to the Platinum trim where Ford has every last new feature onboard. The F-150 is rocking a new digital instrument cluster, new head-up display and an improved PowerBoost hybrid powertrain. Of course, the price goes up with all of these changes, too, but the lineup is as strong as ever.

Video Transcript

ZAC PALMER: Howdy, guys. Zack Palmer here with Autoblog, and right behind me is the 2024 Ford F-150, specifically in the tremor trim. However, I'm starting back here because this is kind of where the big news is for the F-150 with its refresh. The pro access tailgate. So it opens a couple of ways. One is this new barn door style, like so. You can swing it all the way open. Opens to 100 degrees.

Now it also opens to 37 degrees if you have a trailer back here so you don't smash into it. But you can close it like so and then you can also drop it down traditionally, just like this. So you have a regular flat-sliding floor. And then up in here, we also have a new lock box for the F-150. They've also added some slats into the wheel well humps. So you can throw some 2 by 4s in there and create your own little storage container.


How about we walk around to the front, though, because there's still a lot new with this tremor. So the big refresh for design for the F-150 was definitely right here in the front. You can check out the new grille, the new headlights and all. Also, they've added a modular front bumper. So this is an option for the tremor. You can throw on a Ford performance winch kit, which is a dealer installed accessory.

You get a totally new grille with a nice coast to coast look. It appears much wider than before and you get more orange accents as well. That's the tremor, but how about we hop on over to the even more off road oriented Raptor R next? And here we are at the Raptor. It's not just the Raptor, though. This is the Raptor R. Yes, Ford is continuing with the 5.2L supercharged V8.

Thankfully, you can still get it. Ford says over 700 horsepower and the most powerful off road performance truck out there. That means they're going to beat the TRX. So you get some new design things here. You get new graphics, a new grille, new headlights. And overall, it's just massaged versus the previous one. However, the big changes come under in the chassis here.

Ford has added some new fox dual valve live shocks. These are different than just the regular fox live valve shocks. It's supposed to be even better for compression and handling off road. And Ford even says that they handle a little better on road. But let's walk around to the back here. We can see some more of the graphics. See, they almost look like a US flag, so to speak, but with the big old R in them.

It's very, very Ford of them to do that. And then while we're here, you can also check out the new wheels, these 37 inch tires. It's a new wheel design for 2024. That is all that we have for the Raptor, but there's one more F-150 here that we should check out which is the Platinum where we can go over a lot more of the tech changes for the F-150. And then right behind me here is the Platinum, but it's the Platinum Plus.

So Ford is getting rid of the limited trim this year. It's just the Platinum plus package on top of the Platinum. It also gets a new look. Up in front here, you got a new grille, new lights. But really, where a lot of the changes happen with the F-150 is inside and a lot of the tech. So let's hop on in and see what we find. So here we are inside the new F-150. We've got new colors all around us.

Ford calls it truffle and dark truffle. But the big news is this giant new screen right in front of us. So we have a 12 inch digital instrument cluster. We did not have that before. It was only on the lightning, but the regular gasoline F-150 gets its own. Additionally, I have a huge heads up display in front of me, which is brand new. The F-150 did not have a hug before.

And even under the hood, Ford has made some changes to the power boost. So we have smoother transitions between the gasoline and electric, and Ford has dropped the base motor. So there's no more 3.3L V6 and the 2.7L EcoBoost is the base engine, which gets you a lot more value for the truck. So that's a quick walk around the F-150. I think it's a lot better truck this year, but go ahead and let us know what you think about it in the comments.