2024 Ford Maverick Tremor Flexes Compact Muscles

ford maverick tremor
2024 Ford Maverick Tremor Flexes Compact MusclesFord

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The Ford Maverick might have been the answer for a lot of compact pickup fans’ woes. The small pickup’s low price, small packaging, and useful bed have shaped up to create long wait times for prospective customers.

Despite no shortage in sales, Ford expanded the lineup of its Tremor option package and the Maverick, by putting the two together. The Ford Maverick Tremor might not be as extreme as its full-size F-150 counterpart, but it does see some upgraded tires, a revised suspension, and a graphics package.


Available on all-wheel-drive equipped and 2.0-liter EcoBoost-powered Maverick XLT and Lariats, this option package does limit your Maverick choices but makes up for it with a more capable rig off paved roads.

On this episode of Quick Spin, Autoweek executive editor Tom Murphy hops behind the wheel of the 2024 Ford Maverick Tremor and puts it through its paces. Murphy takes you on a guided tour of Ford’s compact pickup and highlights some of his favorite features.

Later, Murphy takes you on a live drive review of this Maverick Tremor to show you how it feels in the real world, then chats with host Wesley Wren about the Maverick, the Tremor package, and how the Maverick stacks up against the competition. Closing the show, the pair break down what makes the Maverick special.

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