The 2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon Is Testing on the Nürburgring

2024 mercedes benz e class wagon testing on nurburgring
2024 Mercedes E-Class Wagon Spotted at the 'RingAutomotive Mike - YouTube

Mercedes-Benz revealed its 2024 E-Class sedan just a few days ago, and now it's already been spotted testing the wagon version on the Nürburgring.

Automotive Mike on YouTube caught this camouflaged wagon that looks very much like the next longroof E-Class driving on and around the Nordschleife during industry pool testing, giving us a good sense of what to expect from the most practical version of Mercedes' next-gen mid-size car.

E-Class wagons aren't exactly track cars, but the test mule you see here has no trouble making its way around the Green Hell, tires squealing. We can hear exhaust noise, but there's no way to tell what sort of powertrain hides under the hood of this prototype. The sedan gets a selection of four- and six-cylinder engines, so if we had to guess, it's one of those.


With the E-Class sedan fully unveiled, it's only a matter of time until Mercedes takes the wraps off the wagon. Whether this new generation will come to the U.S. is another story. Seeing as how wagons now occupy a tiny, almost imperceptible sliver of the market, we wouldn't be surprised to hear it declared a Euro-only affair going forward. But we hope that's not the case, because we love wagons.

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