2024 Subaru Solterra Gets a No-Cost Upgrade, Speeding Up Charging Times

2024 subaru solterra
2024 Subaru Solterra Gets Better, Costs the SameSubaru
  • Subaru is revamping its sole EV, the Subaru Solterra, for 2024 with better charging technology and a few interior changes.

  • Pricing remains the same for 2024, but Subaru is claiming a 21-minute improvement to DC fast charge from 0-80%, totaling up to 36 minutes.

  • A new steering wheel, updated trim levels, and improved ADAS safety technology are also included, with base model pricing starting at $46,340.

The electrified twins from Toyota and Subaru—the bZ4X and Solterra, respectively—got off to a rough start. After a lengthy recall and stop-sale process, the battery-electric SUV pair is back on the road and beginning to pick up in popularity. Through the end of 2023, Subaru had sold up to 8,872 units of its sole EV, up 865% year-over-year.


And Subaru is making the Solterra an even better value proposition for 2024. That's because the MSRP isn't really changing even as the new model year rolls in. With the $1350 delivery charge (up $125 from 2023) included, the base model Solterra will start at $46,340. Between the three trim levels, the price range for the 2024 Solterra goes up to $53,340.

2024 subaru solterra
With 8.3-inches of ground clearance and electric-motor-distributed Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, the Solterra aims to uphold the rugged Subaru ethos. Subaru

Subaru isn't just carrying over the same Solterra, though. In fact, the 72.8 kWh high-capacity lithium-ion battery pack underneath the Solterra is getting a few updates for the new year. Namely, the battery can now be charged from 10% to 80% in as little as 35 minutes, down 21 minutes from the previous model year.

To achieve this, Subaru has installed an upgraded battery conditioning system. Beyond better charging times in ideal conditions, the Solterra will also charge better in freezing weather, up to 80 minutes quicker in some cases according to Subaru.

2024 subaru solterra
Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available as standard on all Solterra trims. Subaru

The interior of the Solterra is changing ever-so-slightly for 2024, too. A redesigned, squared-off steering wheel with regenerative braking force paddle switches will be included, in addition to the 8.0-inch or 12.3-inch high-resolution touchscreens. Beyond the new steering wheel, the Solterra interiors remain largely the same by trim level for 2024.

True to Subaru form, the 2024 Solterra features an improved version of the company's ADAS suite, known as the EyeSight. New for 2024, Subaru says the Solterra can travel in its lane at speeds up to 25 mph with driver supervision, including in stop-and-go traffic.

2024 subaru solterra
The Solterra is rooftop tent certified and can carry a dynamic load capacity of up to 176 pounds.Subaru

Plus, the Solterra can now change lanes on command by activating a turn signal while using Subaru's Level 2 semi-autonomous driving technology. Other benefits of the new EyeSight system include Front Cross Traffic Alert, Blind Spot Monitors, Rear Camera Detection with Pedestrian Warning, and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control.

With three trim levels available (Premium, Limited, and Touring), the Solterra spans a curious price range, indicating Subaru aims for different customers depending on the trim. For those looking to get into a semi-affordable EV, the smaller screen size found on the Premium model is a compromise worth making for the standard 700-pound capable roof rails.

However, Subaru is betting that 20-inch alloy wheels, an 11-speaker audio system, plus power seats will be worth the $3500 bump into a $49,840 Limited trim for some buyers. That said, crossing the $53,340 line into Solterra Touring trim starts to bring in stronger competition like optioned-out Tesla Model Ys or Ford Mustang Mach-E variants.

Notably, Subaru Solterra buyers will not benefit from the $7500 federal tax credit incentive, given Solterra production happens in Toyota’s Motomachi assembly plant in Japan. Admittedly, the list of cars that qualify for the tax credit shrunk significantly this year, validating Subaru's tempered pricing strategy for 2024.

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