2024 Super Bowl Car Commercial Round-Up

kia ev9 commercial
2024 Super Bowl Car Commercial Round-UpKia

The 2023-2024 NFL season wrapped with the Kansas City Chiefs besting the San Francisco 49ers at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. While there’s plenty of discourse surrounding the game, you’re not here for that. Not everyone cares about football X’s and O’s, but the Super Bowl is more than just the NFL championship game—it’s a massive cultural event.

With any big-time TV event, there’s an influx of big-budget ads. While some Super Bowls had odd or confusing car-themed ads, this year it seemed like automakers wanted to tug at heartstrings or show that ripping around in a car is still fun.

Check them out below.

Kia EV9 in “Perfect 10”

The Kia EV9 is finally here, and the company made sure everyone who watched the Super Bowl knew that with this sentimental commercial.


As you can see in the ad, the Kia EV9 is used as a tool for an ice skater to give her grandfather a personal performance after he was unable to attend the competition. In doing so, the commercial shows off some of the genuinely useful features of the EV9. Namely, the soundtrack to the ice-skating routine is powered by the EV9’s battery pack while its lights illuminate the show.

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Kia Motors

Volkswagen, “An American Love Story”

Volkswagen’s Beetle is gone, but far from forgotten. The company is celebrating 75 years in the United States and pulled out all the stops to show how it’s changed over the years. Opening with a VW Beetle, and closing with the ID. Buzz, the ad is a sentimental but fun look at the company’s part in shaping American pop-culture history while highlighting that its future could be just as interesting. If you’re not a VW fan, the commercial is still stuffed with other machines from the last 75 years, which helps put the older VW products in their context.

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Toyota Tacoma, “Dareful Handle”

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma has arrived, and it makes sense that the folks at Toyota would want to let the over 100 million viewers check out the latest version of its popular pickup.

Unlike the above ads, this Tacoma commercial is far from sentimental and mostly just shows how much fun you can have while you’re ripping around the desert. Also, it gives you some more creative names for your passenger grab handles.

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BMW, “Talkin’ Like Walkin”

What might have been the best commercial of the night, the folks at BMW gave viewers a minute of Christopher Walken impressions in front of the legendary actor. There might be a BMW i5 in the commercial, but it’s safe to say that Walken, and his iconic voice, take center stage.

Airing ahead of the Super Bowl halftime show, the Usher cameo at the end of the commercial brought a laugh in at least one living room. Unfortunately, there was no cowbell.

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