2024 Toyota Tacoma Will Use a Solid-State Battery

2024 toyota tacoma
2024 Toyota Tacoma Will Pack a Solid-State BatteryToyota
  • The 2024 Toyota Tacoma’s portable JBL speaker will feature a solid-state battery, according to the company.

  • This JBL speaker is removable, portable, and can link multiple units together.

  • The speaker is securely fastened inside the dashboard, so it won’t become dislodged during a crash.

Toyota’s upcoming 2024 Tacoma is pushing the beloved pickup to new heights. Adding to the mix is the addition of solid-state battery tech inside the Tacoma. Unfortunately, this advanced type of battery isn’t quite big enough to power the vehicle and is tasked with only powering part of the sound system.

For the 2024 Toyota Tacoma, the engineering team that worked on the audio system integrated a portable Bluetooth speaker into the 10-speaker JBL sound system. This Bluetooth speaker docks atop the Tacoma’s dashboard and functions like a center-channel speaker.


You can remove this JBL speaker from its dock, and it functions like basically any portable Bluetooth speaker. While this is fun and useful in general, the engineering team hid something inside the speaker’s case that makes it even more interesting.

2024 toyota tacoma
The solid-state battery can be found inside this portable JBL Bluetooth speaker.Toyota

Toyota says it opted for a solid-state battery for the portable speaker not exclusively because of its interest in the technology, but because of the battery’s durability.

Mounted in the center of the dashboard, the speaker will see extreme temperature swings from direct sunlight on a hot summer day and frigid cold during the winter.


With that in mind, the engineering team behind the speaker opted for a solid-state battery because of its thermal performance.

While this is a small solid-state battery—and certainly not what anyone would picture when thinking about a Toyota Tacoma’s solid-state battery—this is a baby step toward Toyota’s solid-state battery dreams. It just happens to also fall underneath Tacoma’s banner.

Of course, the ‘24 Tacoma has fun features outside of the solid-state battery powering the JBL speaker. You can read all about that here.

Would you ever have thought that solid-state battery tech would make its way to the Toyota Tacoma by way of a Bluetooth speaker? Tell us your thoughts below.