2024 U.S. Election Will Determine What Alfa Romeo Develops Next, Says CEO

Image: Alfa Romeo
Image: Alfa Romeo

Depending on the outcomes of European elections in June and the U.S. Presidential election in November, Italian brand Alfa Romeo could entirely upend its plans for the future, and hold a significant influence over which cars the automaker will launch in 2027. The brand’s first EV, the compact Milano crossover— intended to take on the likes of Porsche’s Macan and Volvo’s EX30—is on track to launch in Europe next year, and could come to the U.S. if demand is strong enough. The company has stated that it plans to launch exclusively electric vehicles from 2025 onward, but a Trump re-election would likely see the company walk that plan back, according to reports from Automotive News Europe.

“My gut would call for giving to Alfa an electric sports car similar to the Purosangue, but we also have to watch how geopolitics and global markets could evolve, eventually choosing a more Europe-oriented small hatchback,” brand CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato said.

The brand’s plan between now and 2026 is already etched in stone, as too much has been invested to change tack now. The large fastback electric SUV, emphasis on sport, will take aim directly on the U.S. and Chinese markets. This electric family machine is based on the Stellantis STLA Large platform, using the same building blocks as the newly-launched Dodge Charger. The upcoming all-electric replacements for the aging Giulia and Stelvio are also STLA Large-based.


Based on Imparato’s statements, it seems that if Democratic President Joe Biden fails his reelection bid this fall, that big EV will be scrapped in favor of a compact hatchback for the European market. He confirmed to Automotive News Europe that Alfa will build a compact hatchback on the STLA Medium platform for 2028.

Donald Trump has been a strong vocal opponent of electric vehicles and their proliferation. If he manages re-election, it could result in a delay or blockage of California’s internal combustion vehicle ban effective in 2035. He could also roll back President Biden’s EV incentives and federal investment in charging infrastructure.

If the twice-impeached lawsuit and criminal charges-magnet former President Donald Trump were to be elected in November, Alfa Romeo doesn’t seem confident in the economic future of the U.S. market, and launching an expensive electric SUV would go against the company’s better interests.

The European Union, meanwhile, is electing a new Parliament this summer, which could be more likely to reconsider a zero emissions vehicle mandate similar to California’s. If Trump is elected in the U.S. and the EU becomes even more EV friendly, Alfa Romeo could pull its resources from its EV efforts in the U.S. to build a smaller and less expensive European city car.

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