The 2025 BMW 4-Series Gets Updates and a New Price

2025 bmw 4series
2025 BMW 4-Series Gets Updates and a New PriceBMW
  • The 2025 BMW 4-Series adds a 48-volt hybrid system as standard equipment on the base four-cylinder powertrain.

  • For 2025 BMW restyled the 4-Series front and rear, which includes Laserlight taillights.

  • The 2025 BMW 430i will start at $51,695, which is an $800 bump over the current models.

Just like the 2025 M4, the folks at BMW are throwing some updates at the standard 4-Series for 2025. For the upcoming model year, BMW will revise the 4-Series styling, add some powertrain upgrades, and shake up the price. BMW is also updating the 4-Series cabin for next year.

The powertrain updates aren’t groundbreaking, but they should help keep the BMW internal-combustion endeavors alive a little longer. The base-model 430i will now come standard with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system while the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder has been converted to the Miller combustion cycle.


Even with these changes, the output remains the same: 255 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. This power travels through the standard eight-speed automatic before hitting the rear wheels, or the all-wheel-drive system on xDrive models.

2025 bmw 4series
2025 BMW 4-Series.BMW

The story is similar for the 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder mills. For 2025, the B58 I6 will also get a 48-volt mild hybrid system, which will add 11 hp to the spec sheet. That means the current M440i’s 382 hp will be topped by the 2025 model with a combined 386 hp. Power still travels through an eight-speed automatic and will travel to either the rear or all four wheels.

The styling changes for the 2025 4-Series are subtle. In the front, you’ll find a new grille surround, which is finished in a matte chrome, and new headlamps that fire the low and high beams with a single LED module. BMW also changed up the rear lighting on M440i and certain 330i models with Laserlight taillights. These lights use laser modules and glass fibers to make three-dimensional lighting arrays.

Inside, BMW says it revised the steering wheels for the ’25 4-Series with a “polygonal” rim on the standard steering wheel for 430i models. However, you can swap to a three-spoke, flat-bottom steering wheel if you check off the M-Sport package on 430i models. That steering wheel is standard issue on M440i models. Both of these steering wheels sport illuminated multi-function buttons and standard paddle shifters.

These updates don’t come without a bump in price. The new base-model 430i will set you back an extra $800 from the current $50,895 starting price. Destination charges bring the total new base price to $51,695. Stepping up to the M440i will now set you back $65,245 when it hits US streets later this year.

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