The 2025 BMW M2 Gets Quicker and More Color Options

2025 bmw m2
2025 BMW M2 Gets Quicker and More Color OptionsBMW

It may not be the flagship M model in BMW's stable, but the M2 sure is the most balanced fun of the lot. Building on the quintessential Ultimate Driving Machine format of front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, the M2 is as close as we enthusiasts can get to a simple, analog sports car from the Bavarians these days. With its updates for the 2025 model year, unveiled Wednesday night, the M2 is about to get a bit quicker, too.

BMW is giving the M2 about 20 more horses for the new year. With a total output of 473 hp, the 3.0-liter S58 twin-turbo, inline-six will maintain its previous torque levels, putting down 406 lb-ft when fitted with the 6-speed manual transmission and 443 lb-ft when equipped with the 8-speed M Steptronic transmission. Top-end engine revolutions are capped at 7200 rpm.

2025 bmw m2

To account for this increase in power, BMW has made changes to the throttle mapping for its numerous drive modes. Similarly, the increase in power allows for a 0.1-second shave in 0-60 mph time for a 4.1-second sprint in manual transmission form and 3.9 seconds in dual-clutch garb. The top speed of the M2 remains set at 155 mph, though the addition of the optional M Driver's Package ups that limit to 177 mph.


Beyond these mechanical changes, BMW is adding some extra visual flare to the M2 in the form of three solid colors, seven metallic shades, and four BMW Individual paint finishes. New colors include Sao Paulo yellow, Vegas red metallic, Portimao blue metallic, Skyscraper grey metallic, Frozen Pure grey metallic, and Frozen Portimao blue II metallic. Additionally, a few new individual pant colors will be added to the collection, including Java green metallic, Voodoo blue, Grigio Telesto Pearl Effect metallic, and Twilight purple Pearl Effect.

2025 bmw 2series coupe

The 2-Series coupe also gains some extra metallic color schemes—Vegas red metallic and Skyscraper grey metallic—and two new individual finishes—Frozen Pure grey metallic and Frozen Portimao blue II metallic. If you can't quite afford an M2 but have been dying to drive around in Zandvoort blue, BMW has some good news for you, as the M240i is now available in the previously M-exclusive color.

Other visual changes include black finishes on the quad tailpipes as well as the trunk lid and grille. Inside the new M2, a new flat-bottom steering wheel has been added to the mix, with a redesigned spoke arrangement and red center marker at the noon position. BMW says this new wheel is designed to be more track-ready and is offered in leather and Alcantara trim. Par for the course, a 12.3-inch information display and a 14.9-inch control display make up the screen offerings inside the new M2.

2025 bmw m2

The 2-Series coupe also benefits from the new steering wheel in certain trims (230i models fitted with the M Sport Package and M240i models) and an identical infotainment setup. Base model 230i units will start at $40,375 while the more desirable M240i comes in at $51,275 including a $1175 destination and handling fee.

The new M2 will be built at BMW's Plant in San Luis Potosí Mexico alongside the new BMW 2-Series. Set for a worldwide launch, production will start in August 2024 and M2 units should hit dealerships shortly after that. Pricing for the new M2 also rises slightly, with a new base model MSRP of $66,075. That's an increase of $1880 year-over-year.

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