2025 Mini Countryman SE ALL4 Asks, When Is Mini Maxed Out?

2025 mini countryman se all4
2025 Mini Countryman SE ALL4: When Is Mini Maxed?Bernhard Filser
  • All-new Mini Countryman SE ALL4 takes Mini into the realm of the SUV.

  • The all-electric hatchback has an estimated range of 245 miles.

  • Sales launch in early September starting at $46,195.

A couple weeks ago we were questioning how big a Mini could be before it became a Maxi. That was for the sporty Countryman JCW. Now, the same question arises with this, the nearly identical 2025 Mini Countryman SE ALL4, an all-electric crossover SUV that just might step outside the previously puny partition that was Mini.

The 2025 Mini Countryman SE ALL4 is another model in the third generation of Mini Countryman. And the biggest all-electric product from Mini ever. It’s two and a half inches taller, 5.1 inches longer and an inch wider than the second-generation Mini Countryman. And because it’s trying (maybe?) to be an SUV, it gets an inch more ground clearance.


It rides on the same platform as the BMW X2 and Countryman JCW, both of which are also new and reviewed just weeks ago in this same space. All are big, at least by Mini standards.

2025 mini countryman se all4
It’s bigger in every dimension, including an inch more ground clearance.Bernhard Filser

The Countryman SE ALL4 is also all-electric. It replaces the plug-in hybrid Countryman of the previous generation. The specific model we in North America will get in early September comes with one electric motor on each axle that together drive all four wheels. So that’s just about all you need for an SUV, right?

Total combined system output is 313 hp and 365 lb-ft of torque, fed from the SE ALL4’s 66.5-kWh lithium-ion battery. That setup will get it from 0-62 mph in 5.6 seconds, Mini says, and to a top speed of 112 mph. That 0-62 time is just two seconds shy of the JCW model, so keep that stat in mind if anyone slings any dogs at your ride’s performance.