2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger Avoids the Range Anxiety of EV Trucks

2025 ram 1500 ramcharger
2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger PHEV Avoids Range AnxietyRam
  • The 2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger is the brand's first plug-in-hybrid full-size pickup truck. It shares a platform with the electric Ram 1500 REV.

  • A 70.8-kWh battery provides an estimated 145 miles of electric range and feeds a 663-hp all-wheel-drive powertrain, with a V-6 spinning a generator as a backup.

  • With a full battery and fuel tank, Ram is targeting up to 690 miles of combined driving range; it can also tow 14,000 pounds and handle a 2625-pound payload.

Electric trucks are great for avoiding gas stations and providing huge torque and performance. However, when EV pickups are pressed into duty to haul a hefty payload or tow something sizable, their driving range and efficiency plummet while their owners' anxiety usually skyrockets. Well, Ram thinks it has a fix for folks who want a full-size truck that offers the best of both electric and internal-combustion worlds. Enter the new plug-in-hybrid Ramcharger.

A Plug-in-Hybrid Pickup

The 2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger is basically a bridge between the refreshed gas-powered Ram 1500 and the upcoming electric Ram 1500 REV. The new Ramcharger—an apt moniker last seen on Dodge's large body-on-frame SUV, which was sold in the U.S. from 1974 to 1993—is a plug-in hybrid, except it's not like most current PHEVs.

2025 ram 1500 ramcharger

Unlike the majority of plug-in hybrids, the Ramcharger's gasoline engine is only used to make electricity rather than directly power the wheels too. The Pentastar 3.6-liter V-6 under the hood powers a generator that can be used to power the truck or recharge the 70.8-kWh battery, which is huge compared with typical PHEV batteries.


Ram estimates a full charge will provide 145 miles of pure electric driving range, and when the battery's state of charge dips below a certain percentage, the gas engine provides a security blanket by extending the range. A trio of selectable EV modes (Electric+, E-Save, and Eco) as well as separate drive modes such as Off-Road, Snow, Sport, and Tow, dictate how early the ICE intervenes.

2025 ram 1500 ramcharger

Plugged into a DC fast-charger, the Ramcharger's 400-volt electrical architecture can charge at a rate of up to 145 kilowatts, which Ram says can add 50 miles of range in 10 minutes. At home, most people will use the truck's Level 2 (240V) charger that's rated up to 11 kilowatts.

The Ramcharger also lives up to its namesake by being a mobile charging station, with bi-directional capabilities that allow its 7.2-kW max output to power a home or recharge a stranded EV. Accessible through the charge port or the power panel in the cargo bed, the Ram's onboard generator is like those found on the Ford F-150 hybrid and F-150 Lightning pickups.

A Mighty, Long-Range Ram

Featuring front and rear electric motors that combine for 663 horsepower and 615 pound-feet of torque, the all-wheel-drive Ramcharger boasts an estimated time of 4.4 seconds to 60 mph. When it's not racing between stoplights or when dual-axle traction isn't needed, the truck's front motor automatically disconnects from the wheels for improved efficiency. The rear axle also offers an electronic locking differential for better traction when needed.

2025 ram 1500 ramcharger

With the 27-gallon gas tank and battery full, Ram claims the Ramcharger can travel up to 690 miles without a pit stop. Of course, that nearly 700-mile estimate probably isn't based on sustained highway speeds, where electric-powered vehicles aren't nearly as efficient as they are in stop-and-go traffic.

The same caveat obviously applies to towing, especially when the Ramcharger is hitched to anything approaching its 14,000-pound max capacity. Not only does that match the Ram EV's rating, but it's also about 2400 pounds higher than the gas-only trucks'. The Ramcharger also one-ups its ICE counterpart with a payload capacity of up to 2625 pounds (up from 2300).

Body-on-STLA Frame

The Ramcharger, just like its electric sibling, uses a specific body-on-frame platform called STLA Frame. Made of steel, it has wider frame rails that make room for and help protect the battery and fuel tank. Along with an independent rear suspension, every Ramcharger has standard air springs at all four corners that allow for adjustable ride height.

Despite the differences underneath, the Ramcharger looks more like its facelifted nonhybrid siblings than the Ram 1500 REV. The easiest way to identify the PHEV version is by the "RAM" badges on its bodywork, which have an exclusive design that's only shared with the EV truck. Otherwise, most Ramchargers can be distinguished by unique body-color bits and taillights that branch into the tailgate.

While the Ram's plug-in-hybrid pickup will likely only be offered with a crew cab and a single bed length, the lineup will include a luxurious trims such as the Tungsten and Limited to humbler models such as the Laramie, Big Horn, and even a workman-like Tradesman. We don't yet have a detailed list of standard features for the lower-spec Ramchargers, but we do know the fanciest examples will live up to the brand's lavish reputation.

Inside the Ramcharger

The Ramcharger's interior is virtually identical to other full-size Rams, which have long boasted premium fit and finish. The dashboard plays host to a fully digital gauge cluster and a 12.0- or 14.5-inch touchscreen with Uconnect 5 software, meaning wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

2025 ram 1500 ramcharger interior

The Ramcharger can also be outfitted with a 10.3-inch touchscreen facing the front passenger, a camera-fed rearview mirror, dual wireless charging pads, and a head-up display. Along with an array of common active safety features, the Ramcharger offers a Level 2 hands-free driver-assist system similar to GM's Super Cruise and Ford's BlueCruise.

Anyone looking for a plug-in-hybrid pickup truck that's almost as luxurious as the Mercedes-Benz S80e PHEV, the Ramcharger's top-of-the-line Tungsten model might just meet their expectations. Its interior covered in rich leather, including quilted front seats with 24-way adjustments and massage functions. Additionally, it has a two-tone Indigo and Sea Salt color scheme, a microsuede headliner, and metal accents with diamond knurling.

The 2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger isn't expected to go on sale until sometime near the end of 2024. However, Ram says for a limited time it's taking reservations to pre-order the truck at While pricing likely won't be revealed for a while, we expect the plug-in hybrid to cost less than the EV version, which has a considerably bigger battery pack.

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