2026 Alfa Romeo Giulia Will Be A Dodge Charger In A Custom Italian Suit

Photo: Alfa Romeo
Photo: Alfa Romeo

The current Alfa Romeo Giulia certainly has its flaws, but it’s also gorgeous and an absolute delight to drive. So when the electric version finally lands (now in 2026), we’re really hoping it gets a nicer interior and better reliability without losing its excellent driving character. Unfortunately for us it’ll be a while before we find out, but while speaking to Motor1 recently, CEO Jean Philippe Imparato did reveal the new Giulia will be built on the same STLA Large modular platform as theDodge Charger Daytona EV.

That said, it won’t simply be a Dodge Charger with an Alfa Romeo badge slapped on. According to Imparato, the new Giulia won’t look anything like the Charger, and apparently, it’s incredible. “What we designed is [the] bomb. We couldn’t finalize the style of this car without being absolutely in love with it. And now we are!” he told Motor1.

Now, if you’ve been paying attention to Charger news, you may be concerned that it’s so much larger than the current Giulia. After all, the new Charger is a full two feet longer than the Alfa, and while we’re sure it’s a hoot to drive, Giulia fans would probably prefer something smaller and nimbler. So it’s refreshing to hear that Imparato said the STLA Large platform is extremely flexible when it comes to changing dimensions such as length and wheelbase.


And if you’re still not fully sold on going all-electric, we have some great news for you. The new Giulia, as well as the new Stelvio crossover that’s coming in 2025, will have both gas and electric powertrain options,just like the Dodge Charger. In fact, you’ll even be able to get hybrid versions, as well. Whether Alfa will share engines with the Charger, though, still isn’t clear.

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