2026 Fisker Pear Promises Two Battery Options and 'Extreme' Performance Variant

2026 fisker pear
2026 Fisker Pear Promises a Whole LotFisker
  • Fisker promises small and large battery options, estimating 180-mile and 320-mile ranges.

  • The production-intent Pear will be on display at the IAA show in Munich this September.

  • The Pear will start at $29,900 before incentives.

Fisker's upcoming Pear electric subcompact SUV won't enter production until the middle of 2025, but it's clear the automaker is intent on getting the hype train to full speed ahead well before that point.

Fisker announced a whole bunch of new facts and figures about the 2026 Pear, which is slated to begin U.S. manufacturing in July. As it promised before, the company believes it will offer the Pear with a starting price of $29,900 before incentives. Before that, we'll see a production-intent Pear next month, when it will put one on display at its Fisker Lounge store in Munich.

2026 fisker pear

Official specs are still a ways away, but Fisker promises the Pear will be offered with both short- and long-range battery options. These batteries are aiming for WLTP range estimates of 180 and 320 miles, respectively. Since Europe's WLTP range calculations are often higher than what the EPA does here in the U.S., those numbers could be a little lower for stateside Pears. It should be available in both rear- and all-wheel drive configurations, too, with the base model reaching 60 mph in a manufacturer-estimated 6.3 seconds. If that's not enough vim for you, Fisker is also promising a Pear Extreme, which will focus exclusively on outright performance.

Lounge Mode

As we learned before, the Pear will be offered in both five- and six-passenger layouts, the latter coming by way of a front bench seat that replaces individual buckets. There'll be a Lounge mode, which will fold all the seats flat for resting and relaxing, and an optional 17.1-inch rotating display will provide the entertainment.

2026 fisker pear

One of the wilder parts of the Pear is the EV's unique storage options. The front trunk can be insulated for temperature-sensitive storage, but the real theater is around back, where a traditional liftgate makes way for a retractable trunk panel. We've already seen it in action, but Fisker promises its operation will be even faster when the car reaches production. The Pear's exterior camera mirrors are "still under review," according to Fisker.


The Pear made its in-person debut in early August as part of a larger Fisker event detailing the automaker's future product lineup. The Pear will be built on a lightweight, low-cost platform that the automaker promises will feature a 35-percent parts reduction versus traditional manufacturing. But there's a lot that can happen between now and 2025.

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