21 People Who 1000%, Without A Doubt, Understood The Assignment

1.Whatever genius is in charge of packing Pringles in Asia, because they have this nice lil' contraption that prevents you from having to shove your whole arm in the can to get the last few chips:

plastic container inside the pringles tube

2.The germaphobe who had the genius idea to make an elevator button that you can hit with your foot, so it doesn’t require you to touch the same button 1,000 other people have touched with their grimy hands all day:

button near the floor

3.The absolute smartypants who designed this sink sprayer that comes with a tough spot remover (the thin, high-pressure line of water in the middle) AND surrounds it in a cone of water (the circle around it) that keeps it from splashing you:

closeup of the sink faucet hose

4.The person who came up with this brilliant alternative to wrapping water bottle packs in even more plastic:

bottles held together with cardboard

5.The person who designed this traffic light with an hourglass that counts down the time left before it turns green again:

hourglass on the traffic lights

6.The mastermind behind this IKEA ad that — wait for it — is simultaneously a pregnancy test and gives you a secret discount if the test is positive:

peeing on this add may change your life

7.The genius who got tired of fishing around in their protein powder for the scoop and decided to design this container with a convenient little knob to hang it on instead:

knob for the spoon to rest

8.The smart person who made these candies look 10x better (and, thus, made me want to buy them 10x more) by stacking them oh-so satisfyingly in these jars instead of just dumping them in:

candies laid flat in the jars

9.The person who designed this — the best optical store bag I've ever ~seen~:

graphic of glasses leading up the straps on the bag

10.The genius behind the logo for this to-go ramen restaurant that doubles as a bowl of ramen and a house when turned upside down:

graphic on the window

11.The dogsitter who completely understood the assignment and took a photo of this adorable dog next to their dog-pelganger on their food bag:

dog next to his look alike on the dog food bag

12.The genius who turned this basic bench into a giant Kit Kat:

kit kat wrapper on half of the bench

13.The smartypants behind this logo, which is simultaneously a "T" and two people cheers-ing their coffees:

the logo at the coffee shop

14.The genius who added this perfect last touch to this bottle of grapefruit juice:

lid looks like a grapefruit

15.The designer behind this water fountain, which can easily accommodate a person in a wheelchair, lets you effortlessly fill your water bottle, and has a special section to give your favorite pup a nice, refreshing drink:

slender l-shaped fountain

16.The person who designed the perfect to-go container for fries and sauces, allowing for maximum dipability and minimum sogginess:

fries in a cone-shaped container with a lip for dipping sauce

17.The designer who saw a carrot and a whisk and said "I'm gonna give the cute kitchen girlies everything they want today:"

carrot themed whisk

18.The person who designed this reusable, portable cutlery set that fits oh-so satisfyingly together:

the stacked cutlery

19.The mastermind who thought of everything in this kitchen — including a drawer just for keeping your sweet, sweet baguettes safe:

tall pull out drawer with bread

20.The brilliant, stunning, magnificent person who perfectly arranged all these crayons:

color coded crayons

21.And finally, the chef who 1000% elevated the basic packet of butter you normally get at a restaurant to this, thus giving their customers a) mood lighting, b) warm butter for dipping, and c) the chef's kiss smell of melting butter right in front of their noses:

butter in a mason jar that is lit to keep it warm

h/t r/mildlyinteresting and r/oddlysatisfying.