23 Of The Absolute Pettiest Things People Tried To Gatekeep

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1.This concerned citizen who made up a rule that you can't wear sneakers in the Oval Office:

A woman saying you can't wear sneakers in the Oval Office
u/beerbellybegone / Twitter: @POTUS / Via reddit.com

2.This metal fan who said women shouldn't take pictures at events...because you couldn't possibly be enjoying something if you're taking pictures of it:

"I went to a metal concert and there were a lot of female posers just there flirting and standing there like clowns.."
u/stokelymitchell / Via reddit.com

3.This person who saw that the Bidens both ordered the same rigatoni dish at a restaurant and shared his weird rule that no one's allowed to order the same thing:

A man saying no one is allowed to order the same dish
u/katalina0azul / u/seerubyfalls / Via reddit.com

4.This person who said that if you can't drive stick, you shouldn't drive at all:

"If you can't drive a car with a manual transmission, you don't deserve a license."
u/Sharpie1993 / Via reddit.com

5.This person who really said healthcare workers shouldn't be called "heroes":

"Stop referring to healthcare workers as heroes."
u/MrRobzilla / Via reddit.com

6.This person who saw a post from a girl whose hair fell out from using too much bleach and tried to gatekeep hair loss:

"we get it, only cancer patients can suffer."
u/jsintramzk / Via reddit.com

7.This parent who thought that people without kids couldn't possibly be the same level of tired as people with kids:

"When I hear someone without kids complain about being tired."
u/sam_quinn / Via reddit.com

8.This person with major ~high school bully~ vibes who tried to gatekeep birthday cakes:

"The fact that at age 20 your still having your parents buy you a birthday cake"
u/cabecearsz / Via reddit.com

9.This person who must have thrown out all of their hoodies the night before they turned 47:

"Nothing if you're a college student or younger."
u/xPerriwinkle / Via reddit.com

10.This person who tried to gatekeep cow-print clothing:

"it just feels like a kick in the head when thin people dress in cow print..."
u/circusratt / Via reddit.com

11.This Android-user who made up a rule that iPhones are for 13-year-old girls only and Androids are for adults:

"Adults use Android"
u/Kobester024 / Via reddit.com

12.This person who said that certain wallets have an age limit:

"Guys, you should own an age appropriate wallet."
u/reginaldwolfrick / Via reddit.com

13.This gatekeeper who made up a rule that once a woman turns 30, she can no longer celebrate Valentine's Day:

"If you're older than 29 years, please wait for 'Mother's Day'"
Warner Bros. Pictures / u/Choice-Ruin597 / Via reddit.com

14.This extremely classist "mover and shaker" who felt entitled enough to say that cars that aren't as "nice" as his don't deserve to use the regular car wash:

"Do not use the automatic car wash as those are reserved for people with nice cars."
u/fleece_pants / Via reddit.com

15.This EV owner who took the time to write a note to a person CHARGING THEIR CAR telling them it's not a real electric car...

A note attached to someone's electric car
u/Pheanturim / Via reddit.com

...and literally compared it to parking in an accessible parking space as a person without a disability:

"I guess you also park in disabled spaces when you have a cold."
u/Pheanturim / Via reddit.com

16.This hiker who tried to gatekeep being prepared for a hike:

"my 5 yr old walked the same trail in Crocs carrying a naked Barbie."
u/step6666 / Via reddit.com

17.This father who seemed to be passing down his gateekeeping through generations:

"This is some elitism at its finest"
u/DontDrinkAcetone / Via reddit.com

18.This person who must regard themselves as the official goth gatekeeper:

Someone comparing fake goth to real goth
Rich Fury vis Getty Images / Vlad Cioplea / ©Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection / u/Viviaana / Via reddit.com

19.This mad lad who should maybe stop going out:

"my mad night is 3 fights with people getting stabbed gettin searched by cops ..."
u/Valuable_Border1044 / Via reddit.com

20.This person who saw a picture of a very organized and pretty bookshelf and accused the owner of not even reading books:

"Which is exact opposite thinking of actual book reader."
u/Lexiiboo97 / Via reddit.com

21.This person who tried to gatekeep flavors:

"Green apple is for children."
u/Designer_Koala_1087 / Via reddit.com

22.This gatekeeping duo who thought up the brilliant idea of having two separate drink stations at bars and cafes since they clearly have trouble waiting their turn:

"Can we also add coffee shops to this movement."
u/TheTardisTalks / Via reddit.com

23.And finally, this gatekeeper who had the worst take I've seen in a long time:

"Tag a mom who really ain't a mom."
u/DonnaHarridan / Via reddit.com

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