5 Fast Facts about the 2024 Dodge Charger

2024 dodge charger
2024 Dodge Charger 5 Fast FactsDodge
  • The Dodge Charger Daytona EV is launching this summer with two-door R/T and Scat Pack models, with four-door versions to follow in 2025.

  • Dodge will also launch a gasoline-burning Charger with the Hurricane I6 under the hood in 2025.

  • The new Charger will mark the eighth generation of Dodge’s historic nameplate.

1. ICE and BEV power

Dodge is building its next-generation Charger with available internal-combustion and battery-electric powertrains. Separated by the Daytona badge, both powerplants will share the same Charger platform.

The battery-electric side of Dodge’s new Charger falls under the Daytona badge and will be available in R/T and Scat Pack forms at launch. Scheduled for 2025, Dodge will dub the internal-combustion models SixPack, a nod to the legendary three-carburetor-equipped cars of the 1960s and 1970s. Both BEV and ICE models will be available in two- and four-door configurations.

2024 dodge charger

2. New Charger by the Numbers

Dodge’s new Charger in two-door Daytona trim is 206.6 inches long and rides on a 121.0-inch wheelbase. That means the wheelbase is slightly longer than the outgoing Charger, but the body is significantly longer. The new Charger is also 79.8 inches wide, when not accounting for the mirrors.


That measurement jumps to 84.3 inches when you include the ever-important sideview mirrors. Curb weight for ICE and four-door models is still around the corner, but Dodge says the two-door Daytona EV models will weigh 5838 pounds, which is a significant leap from the outgoing ICE-only models. Some of that extra heft comes from the Charger Daytona’s 100.5-kWh battery pack.

2024 dodge charger

3. Two and Four Doors, Plus a Hatchback

The eighth-generation Dodge Charger will come with two- and four-door models that share the same basic shell. The major sheetmetal, like the top, is basically unchanged regardless of door count. Still, Dodge is launching the two-door Daytona models first, but four doors are expected early next year. Both two- and four-door models will come with the rear hatch, which makes loading larger objects into the cargo area that much easier.

2024 dodge charger

4. Dodge Stage Kits

Dodge is launching the Charger Daytona EV models with a pair of its performance upgrades from Direct Connection. A stage one kit will go into the base-model Charger Daytona R/T, while the stage two kit goes into the more potent Charger Daytona Scat Pack.

For the R/T, this adds 40 hp to the 456 base-model ponies, to bring total system output up to 496 hp. The Scat Pack’s stage two system adds 80 hp, which brings the total system output up to 670 hp. If you miss out on these first-year Charger Daytona models, these upgrade kits will be available through Dodge’s Direct Connection catalog.

2024 dodge charger

5. Dodge’s PowerShot

Dodge’s PowerShot system made its debut on the Dodge Hornet, and it’s similar to IndyCar’s push-to-pass button. It adds a little extra hitch to the Charger’s giddy-up, which means another 40 hp for the Charger Daytona. Of course, Dodge is advertising its output figures to include the PowerShot, but that means for 15 seconds you’ll be able to squeeze all the power out of your battery-electric Charger.

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