600-HP LS7 Moves This Protouring Pontiac

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The Grand Am might not be the usual candidate for protouring, but this build pulls it off.

Pontiac was once the pinnacle of American performance cars to fill the gap between Chevrolet and the pricier Cadillac and Oldsmobile luxury cars. The famous producers of fast, affordable, luxury/muscle cars quickly became an American automotive icon which garnered respect from car enthusiasts of the nation. Nowadays, Pontiac is little more than a relic of the past since its collapse in 2008 due to the clipping financial crisis. However, Pontiac remains firm in the various classics that it produced, such as today's car. This revamped '73 Pontiac Grand Am accomplishes that mission of keeping Pontiac alive in the car enthusiast community with power and grace.

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Holding the heavily modified chassis of this classic luxury cruiser off of the ground is a complete set of custom QA1 suspensions which allow for excellent control and handling at high speeds. The thought process for this vehicle was more of a Grand Touring-inspired car, which means that the interior and exterior have been made very pleasing to the eye. But, of course, no Grand Touring car would be complete without some crazy powerplant under the hood. That is where this incredible 427 ci LS7 V8 engine comes into play. Utilizing the full potential of GM's most famous line-up, the owner could push 600 horsepower through this wild beast.

Driving fun was a big part of this insane puzzle shown with the T56 six-speed manual transmission and custom exhaust system, making this car, so fun to drive. The highly unique wheels also give the vehicle an excellent classic custom look, and the seats were pulled straight out of a couple of old Hondas. Another cool feature of this car is the various Hurst pieces such as the shifter, pedals, and seats, which act as a tribute to the Hurst muscle cars of old. This is such a fantastic car, and we hope to see it again in the future.

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