At 77, Drag Racer Richie Pauley Defies Age with His 1968.5 Mustang Cobra Jet

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Richie Pauley, a 77-year-old seasoned drag racer, continues to compete in his cherished 1968.5 Mustang Cobra Jet, proving passion knows no age.

Richie Pauley is not your typical 77-year-old. Instead of settling into a quiet retirement, Pauley spends his days on the drag strip, competing in his beloved 1968 Mustang Cobra Jet. This car isn't just any Mustang; it's a rare 1968.5 Cobra Jet, a model cherished by enthusiasts and collectors alike. But for Pauley, the value of his Mustang goes beyond its rarity or potential selling price; it's a testament to his lifelong passion for drag racing.


Pauley's journey with the Mustang began in the 1970s, and since then, he has refused countless offers to sell it. The car has become an extension of his own legacy in the drag racing world, a scene where muscle cars like the Mustang and the Plymouth Road Runner have always reigned supreme. Unlike many racers who transition to newer models for competition, Pauley's commitment to his Cobra Jet is unwavering.

Despite the challenges that come with age, Pauley is determined to continue racing for at least another decade. He maintains the Mustang himself, thanks to his own repair shop at home. Over the years, he has made significant improvements to the car's performance and braking system, ensuring it remains competitive on the track.

Pauley's story is more than just about racing; it's about the undying spirit of a man who refuses to let age define his capabilities. His dedication serves as an inspiration to both young and old, proving that passion for the sport of drag racing knows no bounds. In a world where youth is often prized, Pauley shows that experience and passion can make one a formidable competitor, regardless of age.

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