This 800-HP, AWD Civic Type R Is Honda Mods Done Right

devin niemela awd civic type r build in garage
This 800 HP, AWD Civic Type R Is Honda Done RightDevin Niemela on YouTube

Even with its front-wheel-drive roots, the Honda Civic Type R has cemented its place as one of the world’s best driver’s cars in recent years. But that didn't stop one YouTuber from reaching into the Honda parts bin to turn his CTR into an 800-horsepower all-wheel-drive hatch monster.

As you might expect, sending power to the rear of a car that’s never been engineered for such a job is a big task. While YouTuber Devin Niemela uploaded an awesome 25-minute compilation going over the build process, the whole project has been detailed in more than 65 videos across his channel.

The project began with a smashed-up Type R, which Niemela initially restored to a stock configuration. From there, the project got a bit more hands-on. There was a ton of custom fabrication work required, including everything from engine mounts to fresh sections of rail. The car’s 306-hp turbocharged K20C1 four-cylinder was replaced by a K24 sourced from an Acura, which then received a large turbocharger of its own. A CRV-sourced front sub-frame was spun around for use in the CTR, alongside the SUV’s differential. The CTR’s sublime manual gearbox was retained, because of course, Niemela didn’t wanna lose out on that.

Getting everything hooked up was only the first step, as a build like this requires a ton of wiring and custom-tuning work. Niemela managed to bust a few components during the early days, including a timing sprocket incident that required a full rebuild of that turbocharged K24. The gearbox also required some beefier components, though that’s not a surprise when the hatch is pushing more than double its original output. You can watch some of those dyno shenanigans around the 20-minute mark of the clip, which I’d recommend you do. Never underestimate what an enthusiast can do with a dream, a bit of shop space, and time.

Congrats to Niemela on the project, we can’t wait to see what comes next.

devin niemela civic type r awd dyno
Devin Niemela on YouTube

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