This 850 HP Subaru 22B Hillclimber Has More Wing Than A Flock Of Geese

Screenshot: Hillclimb Monsters
Screenshot: Hillclimb Monsters

One Subaru to rule them all. This fresh 22B-style hillclimb car build is among my favorite hillclimb cars to ever exist. Subaru was cooking when it took a regular economy upright coupe and gave it a turbocharger and all-wheel drive, but Rich White, the owner of this car, really turned up the heat. Starting with a 2.35-liter modified EJ22 engine, they turned the boost all the way the hell up and paired it with a sequential gearbox to create a symphony of speed and controlled explosion.

According to Hillclimb Monsters, this car has been in development for five years, and this video depicts the car’s competitive debut at the Quick60 Challenge at Mallory Park in central England. Everything on this car was done to the nth degree, taking top-of-the-line Subaru hillclimb cars to a whole new level. The entire body is carbon fiber, including all of the aero and the driveshaft. A stock 22B was claimed to make 280 horsepower when it was new in 1999, and weighed 2857. White’s car makes more than triple the power and weighs significantly less. Yeah, it’s going to be fast.

BrrrrrrrGUGUGUGUG-klonk-wshhhhhhhaaaaaawwwww-awwwwww-eeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr-neeooooooooooooowwwwwm-SHOOWOOOWOO. That’s what this car sounds like. It makes weird cool noises and I love them all.


There’s something about a fast car on a race track that gets me feeling (and thinking) like a little kid again. That white car was so fast and it was like whooosh. Look at how fast it can go! Did you see, did you see it? Wow, it was just so fast and so cool. Can we get one? Can we get one to take home and keep? Please?

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