90-Year-Old Man Uses A Foxbody As His Daily Driver

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This man is a legend…

At the ripe old age of 90, a man named Jack proudly drives his 1991 Foxbody Mustang GT daily. That might sound shocking to some and people who know him might secretly wonder if he can’t afford something newer and nicer, but we get why he does this. The man loves his pony car and doesn’t want to give up that feeling he gets when behind the wheel.

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The Mustang GT looks great in red with a black top, a combination which is sure to draw some attention. It also has a red interior and an automatic transmission – we know this is disappointing to some. However, it’s impressive the guy is driving at all, let alone this beast.


Jack isn’t the original owner of this Foxbody Mustang, an assumption we’re sure some have just made. He actually bought it about 20 years ago with a mere 85,000 miles on the odometer. The man has kept the Ford mostly stock, so it’s not running some sick turbo setup or anything crazy like that.

He said at the time he bought the Foxbody he had been looking for a convertible Mustang for some time. Finding one in good condition at a price he liked took a while, so understandably he was excited once he had the car of his dreams in his possession. Now he enjoys it daily and seems quite happy.

This is Jack’s second Mustang. His first one he bought in 1965 while living in California. However, as a young father he had to start thinking of others’ interests and so traded it in for a station wagon. But it seems his heart never left the Mustang family and so he had to buy another one later once he had the financial capability.

Happy birthday, Jack, and keep enjoying your Mustang!

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