911r's Own Porsche 911 T Hot Rod Is Selling On Bring A Trailer

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This car is from Avant-Garde's personal collection.

By any standard, the Porsche 911T is an absolute automotive work of art. The ones from the 1970s era are some of the most highly sought after cars around. This particular Porsche 911T is owned by a top seller on BaT and it’s been tastefully modified into the street demon you see today. Race to put this 1971 Porsche 911T in your German sports car collection!

This Porsche has been modified in the style of a Carrera RS and the owner of the last five years has partially completed the project. Part of the ongoing modifications is the installation of a rebuilt 3.4-liter with upgrades that include Rothsport individual throttle bodies, MoTeC engine management, and a coil-on-plug conversion. It also has RS-style fender flares and RS-style fiberglass bumpers. The interior was revised with RSR-style bucket seats, a 911R-spec roll bar, four-point harnesses, RSR-style door panels, a WEVO shifter, a rebuilt pedal box, and rebuilt instrumentation.

Additionally, it has a 915 five-speed manual transaxle with a Guard limited-slip differential as well as fitting a Carrera-spec fuel tank, Boxster brakes, staggered-width 16” Fuchs wheels, RSR-style front suspension uprights, and adjustable sway bars. This modified 911T is now offered in Arizona with a clean Oregon title.

Avant-Garde is well-known as an award-winning, top seller (@911r) on Bring a Trailer. We provide turnkey auction management for our clients. Avant-Garde presents cars in an unparalleled fashion, with a comprehensive history, descriptions, photos, and video for each vehicle. We want to put buyers in the virtual driver’s seat so they can experience a vehicle as if they were present, giving them confidence in their purchase.

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