Acura Integra Will Be Joined by a Small-SUV Sibling This Year

acura cdx reveal
Acura Integra Will Be Joined by a Small-SUV SiblinVCG - Getty Images
  • Acura confirmed a new SUV model will join its lineup, slotting in below the compact RDX.

  • The subcompact luxury crossover will be positioned alongside the Integra as an entry-level product.

  • We don't know the name yet, but we think it could be called ADX or CDX.

Acura's SUV lineup has included only two models for years now, but a new, smaller sibling to the the compact RDX and mid-size MDX is finally on its way. Acura confirmed that it will debut a subcompact SUV later this year, finally entering the popular segment that so many of its luxury rivals have played in for some time with models such as the Audi Q3, BMW X1, and Lexus UX.

We don't know much about this new vehicle yet, but Acura describes it as a "gateway" product that will be aligned with the Integra hatchback, currently the entry-level model in the lineup. We suspect this means it will share underpinnings with the Honda Civic, which also provides a basis for the Integra and the Honda HR-V subcompact SUV. We expect the new Acura to be similar in size to the HR-V, much as the RDX is to the Honda CR-V.


Though Acura won't announce the official name until later, we found two nameplates that Acura filed for with the U.S. trademark office that could be plausible options. The first is ADX, which we previously suspected could be used for an Acura EV crossover; that ended up being the ZDX instead. The other is CDX, which was used on an Acura version of the Honda HR-V previously sold in China (the now-discontinued CDX is pictured at top).

Look for more information to come within the next few months as Acura prepares to launch this new addition to its crossover lineup.

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