Acura Integra will return in 2022 after a long hiatus

Acura Integra will return in 2022 after a long hiatus

Putting a modern spin on much-loved classics is a growing trend in the automotive industry. Ford resurrected the Bronco, Lamborghini is bringing back the Countach, and Acura unexpectedly announced a new Integra for 2022.

Acura has done a perfect job of keeping the next-generation Integra under wraps. There have been no leaks or rumors, and our spies haven't even spotted pre-production prototypes out and about. We consequently know very little about the car; the firm simply promised it will offer "the same fun-to-drive spirit and DNA of the original."

The crunchiest crumb of information that we have is a sketch that shows part of the front end. It's enough to tell with a high degree of certainty that the Integra won't wear a retro-inspired design; sorry, fans of pop-up headlights. Instead, it looks like it falls in line with recent additions to the Acura range thanks to sharp lights with LED accents and an angular grille. There's also a new interpretation of the Integra logo below the driver-side headlight.

Beyond that, the Honda-owned carmaker simply confirmed the Integra will land as a compact premium car, which is exactly what the nameplate has denoted since its introduction for the 1986 model year. While this is pure speculation, it wouldn't be completely unthinkable for Acura to build the next Integra on an evolution of the platform that underpins the 11th-generation Civic unveiled earlier in 2021. Many of the earlier Integra models were based on or related to the Civic, and there was even a Civic sold as an Integra in a handful of overseas markets.