Acura will let you reserve a 2023 Integra starting next month

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For anybody who is trying to get their hands on the 2023 Acura Integra right when it comes out, this one’s for you. Instead of a normal launch, Acura is launching the Integra with a reservation list.

You’ll be able to reserve and pre-order an Integra online starting March 10. Of course, the reservation process still fully involves dealerships, as Acura states “reservations handled by participating dealers” at the bottom of its press release.

Acura hasn’t revealed production details or even shown us photos of the Integra’s interior yet, but since it’s going to ask folks to reserve a car to buy, we suspect those details and photos will be coming soon. If you want a sneak peek, we got some photos of the partially-covered interior of the Integra Prototype. Pricing is just as vague as before, too, as Acura simply states that it “will start around $30,000.”

The actual website where Acura directs you states that “supply will be limited” of the Integra. In today’s market, that very well may be true. However, the base Integra has never been, nor do we expect it to be, a limited-availability model. It’s an entry-level, sporty hatchback that will eventually be widely available, even if a certain level of hype makes them thin on the ground upon initially launching. Basically, don’t be fooled by the messaging.

If you do want to reserve one, Acura has a sign-up on its website that will put you on a list to be notified the second the reservation site goes live. There’s no suggestion that any deposit will be required to reserve a spot for now, but we’ll be looking out for details on that closer to the launch of reservations on March 10.

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