Acura NSX Races Camaro SS, Mustang GT, and Audi RS 3

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Who's the Fastest?

In an exciting showdown at the Maryland International Raceway (MIR), the racing enthusiasts at ImportRace on YouTube captured some intense roll-racing action. This event, part of the RaceMotive series, features high-octane races among street cars from May to October across various venues, including the Pocono Raceway, Maple Grove Raceway, and New Jersey Motorsports Park. However, this time, the spotlight was on the MIR.

RaceMotive is all about the racers in 2024, with events tailored for maximum drag and roll-racing experiences. The latest video from ImportRace highlights a sleek, second-generation Acura NSX hybrid sports car going up against formidable opponents: a Chevrolet Camaro SS, a Ford Mustang GT, and an Audi RS 3.


First on the track was a crimson Chevrolet Camaro SS. The Acura NSX demonstrated its prowess, achieving a trap speed of 140 mph against the Camaro’s 136 mph, securing a hard-fought victory. Next, the NSX faced off against a Ford Mustang GT. In a neck-and-neck race, the Mustang GT edged out a win with a speed of 142.59 mph, narrowly beating the NSX’s 140.67 mph.

The NSX had one more contender to face – a crimson Audi RS 3 sedan boasting around 600 horsepower. Despite the Audi’s power, it was no match for the Acura NSX, which clocked nearly 139 mph, while the Audi managed only 131 mph.

These races not only highlight the NSX’s capabilities but also underscore the competitive nature of roll racing. Despite the impressive performances, this second-generation Acura NSX, which ceased production in 2022, remains a rare sight. The final Type S version of this iconic sports car, limited to just 350 units worldwide, boasted a combined maximum output of 602 horsepower, making it a sought-after vehicle among enthusiasts.

The Acura NSX's performance at MIR reaffirms its place in the annals of modern sports car history. As we bid farewell to the NSX, enthusiasts hope that Acura will continue to produce high-performance vehicles alongside their growing lineup of SUVs, like the refreshed 2025 MDX and the all-electric Acura ZDX Type S. Only time will tell if Acura will reintroduce another iconic sports car to their lineup.

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