Acura NSX Widebody Is Sinister

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Something wicked this way comes…

Watching the accompanying video of an Acura NSX fitted with a wide body kit is a good reminder of the strange journey of these Japanese supercars. Just the fact that some people smirked at the term “supercar” is only the tip of the iceberg, considering when the NSX was first revealed by Honda in 1989 it absolutely knocked the socks off everyone at the Chicago Auto Show and then pretty much everywhere else.

You won't believe the mileage on Jenson Button's old NSX, check it out here.

Honda was known for making sensible cars, motorcycles, and lawnmowers too, not a sexy, mid-engine two-seater which went toe-to-toe with Ferraris of the day. Of course, Ferrari was able to pull away while Honda kept loping the NSX along into the early 2000s. Thanks to that stagnation while everyone else was pushing the envelope, what started out as a super-advanced vehicle became something detractors loved to mock as overrated.

image credit: YouTube
image credit: YouTube

Some had forgotten just how special of a car the Acura NSX was for its time. That meant buying one for years after Honda stopped making them was surprisingly affordable. Some people thought they would forever be remembered as a failure or a wanna-be supercar, but then everything seemed to change after the second-generation NSX launched, like people remembered how well-balanced and enjoyable the original had been.


Now, prices for NSXs, whether they’re badged as an Acura or Honda, are on the climb. Like other 90s Japanese classics, people are feeling pretty nostalgic about these cars. Honda is supposedly even weighing expanding its factory restoration program to the United States.

image credit: YouTube
image credit: YouTube

The NSX in this video wouldn’t be a good restoration candidate since the owner decided to go in a dramatically different direction. Not everyone will like the body kit or the other mods, which includes Recaro seats, cage, racing steering wheel, big wing, diffuser, front splitter, and more. Before you knock this ride, check out the video and then make the judgement call. Let us know if you like this tuned NSX or prefer them OE.

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