Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston say they have pitched a movie with Drew Barrymore to settle 'who's the better movie wife'

Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore
Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler and Drew BarrymoreJordan Strauss / Invision/ AP / Paul Bruinooge / Getty Images / Arturo Holmes / WireImage
  • Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler said they want to do a movie with Drew Barrymore.

  • Both Barrymore and Aniston have played Sandler's love interest in numerous movies.

  • Aniston said that she wants a movie with all three of them to decide who is the better "movie wife."

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston said they want to do a movie with Drew Barrymore to finally end the debate on who is the better "movie wife."

Barrymore and Aniston have each starred in three movies with Sandler as his romantic interest or wife. And recently, when Sandler collected the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, Barrymore and Aniston performed a skit about the fact that they have both played his love interest multiple times.


In an interview on "Good Morning America" on Wednesday to promote their upcoming movie, "Murder Mystery 2," Sandler and Aniston spoke about the routine and comparisons between the "Friends" star and Barrymore.

"We thought we'd be funny because there was a Twitter thing a couple years ago, and they're always sort of comparing us, who's the better movie wife or movie love, so we just thought we'd do a little bit on that," Aniston said.

Later in the interview, the pair said that they have been pitching a movie with Barrymore.

Adam Sandler performing with Jennifer Aniston in Murder Mystery 2 and Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates
Adam Sandler performing with Jennifer Aniston in "Murder Mystery 2" and Drew Barrymore in "50 First Dates."Scott Yamano / Netflix /Columbia Pictures

"Jennifer's gonna write it," Sandler said when asked about Barrymore looking for a new movie to star in.

Aniston added: "We want to do all three of us together and just put an end to this competition."

Sandler then said: "There's no competition. Just two great ladies. That would be amazing, doing a movie all together. Absolutely."

Sandler and Aniston next star in the Netflix sequel "Murder Mystery 2," in which they return as the married crime-solving couple, Nick and Audrey Spitz. The sequel takes the couple to Paris after their friend, the Maharajah (Adeel Akhtar), is kidnapped at his own wedding.

Earlier this week, Aniston said on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" that she had to look after Sandler while they filmed the new movie, giving him Chinese herbs and smoothies to help when he was exhausted.

"I very much love to take care of him. He's so concerned with taking care of everybody else, which he really does, and he doesn't take care of himself. I'm sorry for calling you out on national television, but you have to know this," Aniston said.

"Murder Mystery 2" is available to stream on Netflix from March 31.

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