ADPS 1972 Javelin SST Police Cars Is One Of 13

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It's ready to come out of hiding!

It's ready to come out of hiding!

AMC has been one of the most unique American muscle car manufacturers since its initial production. Combining styling unlike anything else in the room road at the time, with a truly impressive lineup of cool body designs to choose from, It’s hard not to appreciate just how great the American automotive manufacturer was. This particular vehicle is a rare example that should show you exactly what I’m talking about.

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First of all, you might notice that this is a former police car, the lights on top might just be a dead giveaway of that one. It’s been incredibly well-maintained over the years despite being a police car and was one of only 133 made like it. For reference, as Collins points out, that’s less than the superstock cars of the time. The Admiral Blue and silver to town is yet another edition that makes it unique and great to look at. Of course, looks are not the only thing AMC is known for.

What are the main parts of AMC’s business model have always been their performance benefits compared to other brands. That’s exactly why under the hood of this vintage police car is a 401 cubic-inch V8 engine. Needless to say, this powerhouse is more than enough combined with the 2.73 gear ratio to chase down any criminal and a Camaro, Mustang, or other muscle cars. Overall, it’s an incredibly rare classic muscle car that there’s a name on like any other which is exactly why AMC is so respected in the classic car community.

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