AEV Sierra Grande Concept Outlander Builds on GMC’s Bones

grand sierra sema concept
AEV Sierra Grande Concept Builds on GMC’s BonesAEV
  • The teams at AEV and GMC collaborated to build this Sierra Grande Concept that will be displayed at the 2023 SEMA show.

  • This custom rig takes a 2024 GMC Sierra HD and fits it with parts from American Expedition Vehicles and parts from the GMC Sierra HD AT4X.

  • AEV lifted the rig with suspension pieces from GMC’s Sierra 2500 HD AT4x, and equipped it with 40-inch tall BF Goodrich tires.

With the SEMA show just around the corner, it’s time to start seeing what wild concepts are making their way to Las Vegas. The team at American Expedition Vehicles partnered up with GMC to blend parts of the Sierra HD AT4X and parts from AEV to turn a Sierra 2500 HD regular cab, long-bed pickup into an overlanding rig.


Dubbed the Sierra Grande, this modified Sierra shows how far you can take a new rig and that radical modifications aren’t out of the question for some.

Surprisingly, some of the biggest changes to this GMC come from the GMC parts bin. The team at AEV used the suspension from a Sierra HD AT4X, which includes the steering knuckles, DSSV (dynamic suspensions spool valve) dampers, control arms, and entire rear suspension.

This gives the Sierra a 1.5-inch lift over a base truck, which helps the team at AEV fit a set of its Salta XD wheels wrapped in 40 inches of BF Goodrich rubber. The second most obvious change is the eight-foot aluminum tray bed that takes the place of the original box.

Of course, this custom rig features more than just a new box and a new set of tires. The team at AEV also equipped the Sierra Grande with stamped steel skid plates to protect the transfer case, front suspension, and the front section of the truck’s underbody. This rig also sports AEV’s on-board air system, steel bumpers, and winches front and rear.

While this truck doesn’t exactly have the creature comforts of other overlanding rigs, there’s no doubt that this machine could take you just about anywhere. For the run of the SEMA show, it’ll be parked among a convention center full of custom machines showing off some of the latest and greatest aftermarket pieces. Check out this AEV Sierra Grande concept and more at the 2023 SEMA show from Tuesday, October 31 to Friday, November 3.

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