Alberta Camaro Speeder Really Goes For It

This kid was hauling!

19-year-old Landyn Daniel Riley has been accused of Fort Saskatchewan RCMP of exceeding the posted speed limit in his Camaro by 146 km/h. For those of you who measure gas by the hog’s head, that’s about 90 mph over the limit. We’re partly impressed and partly horrified by this revelation.

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First off, congratulations to the Mountie who caught up with this kid, who allegedly was traveling about 152 mph in a 62 mph zone. Most police cars in the US are limited to 130 mph so the Mounties must get special horses and receive at least sufficient high-speed pursuit training.


According to Fort Saskatchewan RCMP, the department was running a laser speed operation on the highway when they caught Riley blasting at around 90 over the posted limit and the chase was on. Officers claim the black Camaro was even going around the much slower traffic by driving on the shoulder at times, a tactic we usually see from hardened criminals trying to ditch the cops.

Unfortunately, we don’t have dashcam footage or an account of how long Fort Saskatchewan RCMP had to chase the Chevy Camaro. We have a funny feeling if it was really much of a pursuit there would’ve been a deep accounting of how far officers chased Riley. So even though the kid was just blasting down the highway, he at least had the wisdom to admit when he was caught instead of racking up more charges.

As it stands now, the 19 year-old is facing one count of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle under the Criminal Code of Canada. He’s set to appear before a judge. And that is why even if you own a fast car, it’s best to just drive with the flow of traffic, kiddies.

Image via Fort Saskatchewan RCMP

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