Alfa Romeo Giulietta replacement remains a possibility

Alfa Romeo hatchback
Alfa Romeo hatchback

The Italian brand left it the market 2020, axing the Giulietta after 10 years on sale

Alfa Romeo could return to the hatchback market, CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato has suggested.

The Italian brand left it in 2020, axing the Giulietta after 10 years on sale. The Alfa Romeo Tonale crossover was said to serve as its indirect replacement, but Imparato has refused to rule out building a more closely related new model, despite Alfa’s requirements within the Stellantis group to return premium-level profit margins.

“I’m not sure that we don’t make money, even on a hatchback,” Imparato told Autocar. The Giulietta was a success for Alfa, selling 78,911 units across Europe in its best year, before newer rivals eclipsed it in handling, technology and packaging terms.


The news comes after the Italian marque hinted that it could stretch into the lucrative luxury electric MPV market too.

If Alfa were to build a new hatchback, the possible Giulietta replacement would most likely sit on the new STLA Medium platform. This way it could take advantage of the economies of scale offered by the 14-brand Stellantis group.

Up to two million cars can be built on the platform every year, Stellantis has said. The platform was designed principally for electric car drivetrains but with the possibility to add combustion engines. Cars coming to the platform look set to include the next Alfa Romeo Giulia and the upcoming Peugeot 3008.

EVs based on it can drive up to 435 miles on a single charge from a 98kWh battery, with maximum power pegged at 382bhp for now. STLA Medium is natively front-driven, but four-wheel drive is possible through a motor on each axle.

Despite the platform allowing for combustion power, a new petrol-engined hatchback is unlikely, given that Alfa has said it will be an electric-only brand from 2027.