Alfa Romeo Tonale

alfa romeo tonale review 2024 01 front cornering
alfa romeo tonale review 2024 01 front cornering

Much as the thought may bring traditionalist devotees of this famous old Italian racing brand out in spots, Alfa Romeo is - under the auspices of its current Stellantis Group management overlords - slowly turning its corporate fortunes around; and it’s thanks almost entirely to SUVs.

While the Stelvio continues to do modestly good European business as it nears retirement, its maker is now gearing up to partner it with a much smaller and more affordable, compact crossover SUV aimed at a more youthful buyer - the Milano.

And yet it’s a third, mid-sized SUV - the Alfa Romeo Tonale - that has fuelled the firm’s regeneration most recently. In its first full year on sale in 2023, the Tonale swelled Turin’s global sales volume by some thirty per cent, and that figure’s European-market equivalent by nearly fifty per cent.