Allegedly Intoxicated Girl Fails At Driving And Alphabet, Blames The World

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Allegedly Intoxicated Girl Fails At Driving And Alphabet, Blames The World
Allegedly Intoxicated Girl Fails At Driving And Alphabet, Blames The World

Drunk or otherwise intoxicated people seem to think they’re super sneaky and can drive in ways that cops and other drivers will never figure out they’re drunk. While some, like this young girl in a BMW, go really fast and just try to get home or to a Waffle House or wherever before they get caught, others drive really slow and carefully like that doesn’t also make them stand out.

Former wrestler Bugg Bagwell says his recent DUI charge isn’t what everyone thinks.

This young scholar was caught allegedly going 67 mph in a 50 mph zone during the summertime in Borough, New Jersey. The officer also noticed she was having trouble driving in a straight line. Since she wasn’t in a Prius, the logical conclusion was that she might be intoxicated. Usually the Bimmer drivers just make lane changes without signaling.

After making contact with the driver, the young woman named Jaclyn  the officer became further suspicious she might be drunk or otherwise intoxicated. Also, he could smell marijuana coming from the car’s interior and saw a glass pipe in the center console. He had her step out of the Bimmer and noticed she was moving slowly, almost like she felt the ground moving under her. If you know, you know.


Jaclyn volunteers to “take the test” and it’s doesn’t go so well. She has trouble following directions and her motor skills seem a little fuzzy. While she butchers the alphabet part of the field sobriety test, using phrases like “F, N, G” which we wish were the correct order, she gets a few sections right and seems really proud of that.

Still, she fails and gets arrested, then while in the back of a cruiser starts threatening officers. She continues to be uncooperative, refusing to provide breath samples for testing. Ultimately, Jaclyn picked up several charges.

Guys, unfortunately this young woman was released to her boyfriend, so she’s not available, although she does mention they got in a fight before her arrest and he seems pretty disgusted with her behavior, so maybe there’s a chance? Either way, we don’t recommend dating people who get picked up on suspected DUI but if you want to make bad life choices that’s your prerogative.