Amateur Motorcyclist Thinks He Can Mess With Georgia Troopers

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Amateur Motorcyclist Thinks He Can Mess With Georgia Troopers
Amateur Motorcyclist Thinks He Can Mess With Georgia Troopers

If you’re going to speed on the highway without a tag on your motorcycle, which we absolutely don’t recommend, you should at least be well-versed in the fundamentals of riding. The guy in the included Georgia State Patrol dashcam video looks like he hasn’t received any real instruction, just his friend showing him how to twist the throttle and turn the handlebars.

Dodge Ram gets rammed by Arkansas trooper.

The trooper caught this rider allegedly going 95 mph in a 70 zone. That combined with no tag was enough to warrant a chase as the suspect refused to pull over. We get to see this whole mess unfold in real time.


First off, the guy can’t seem to figure out why he isn’t just dusting the GSP unit right behind him. There isn’t a MPH gauge on the video, but it appears he’s not going all that fast, meaning the cop in his Dodge Charger can keep up with ease.

Then our suspect keeps turning around to see if the trooper is still on his tail, which of course he is. He isn’t just doing quick glances over his should but instead is rotating his whole torso, a dangerous move at highway speeds.

That’s one way he keeps shifting his weight around on the bike. He also keeps repositioning himself in the saddle, especially as he’s changing lanes. In other words, the guy who thinks he can outrun Georgia troopers doesn’t have a clue how weight transference works on motorcycles (and probably not on cars, either).

Even with the trooper pulling even with him a few times, this rider still thinks he can slip away.

Then he makes his big move, acting like he’s getting off onto another freeway before cutting across the gore point, hitting a bump, and almost losing it right there. It’s not a genius maneuver.

The lead trooper gets more aggressive, so the suspect finally slows down on the shoulder, dumps bike, and jumps over the guardrail. It would’ve been a good plan, but the secondary trooper is a K9 unit, so our suspect gets to feel the sharp teeth of the law.

Ultimately, this rider was sentenced to four years in prison. It just doesn’t pay to run from police, especially when you barely know how to ride.

Image via State Boyzzz/YouTube