Amelia Earhart 1937 Cord Added to National Historic Vehicle Register

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This historic automobile is now being recognized as a true part history.

One of the most influential people in aviation history has to be Amelia Earhart. Setting a record for being the first woman to ever fly across the Atlantic ocean on her own, she’s looked up to by young girls across the world as an inspiration of what is capable with enough grit and determination. You might also remember that the world of airplanes and cars are almost always connected. That’s exactly why she drove one of the coolest classic cars you could find in the 1930s, a vehicle which has now been inducted into The National Historic Vehicle Registry.


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Built in 1937, this Cord had a lot of cool features that the up-and-coming pilot would have likely admired. The exterior had a ton of smoothing body lines that would’ve made it pretty aerodynamic for its time while they were built to somewhat replicate that of an airplane. Overall, it was a vehicle that anyone with a mind for engineering would be able to find a lot of fun in. Recently, a new development has spelled the next chapter in the car’s life that’ll make it even more of an icon than it is today.

For International Women’s Say, insurance tycoon Hagerty has decided to “highlight the story of Amelia Earhart.” One of the ways it plans to do this is by inducting it into the national historical vehicle registration but also presenting it as an upcoming event. If you’re planning on attending the cars at the capital car show in celebration, this vehicle will be seated right up at the national mall which is an incredibly high honor to say the least. Overall, Amelia Earhart‘s life was one of adventure and accomplishment and now enthusiasts everywhere will get to see with their own eyes an aspect that likely meant a lot to her as well.

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