American Airlines Boeing 777 Potentially Blows Tire During Takeoff, Lands Safely At LAX

Photo: Mario Tama (Getty Images)
Photo: Mario Tama (Getty Images)

An American Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft potentially blew a tire during take-off when it departed Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, USA Today reports. While the plane was able to depart and then land in Los Angeles without issue, the incident highlights yet another issue in a growing list of failures that have been plaguing Boeing-made planes.

“The aircraft taxied to the gate under its own power and customers deplaned normally,” American Airlines said of Flight 345, which landed at LAX without issue at roughly 8:45 p.m. local time.

The aircraft’s pilot initially reported the concern as a “possible mechanical issue” just before landing. American Airlines will not confirm the nature of the issue, but outlets like KTLA 5 and ABC News have shared that initial rumors revolve around the 23-year-old Boeing blowing a tire as it departed from DFW. Boeing has deferred any potential comments to American Airlines.


Tensions are currently high as Boeing-manufactured planes continue to report a litany of mechanical concerns that have some potential passengers so fearful that they’re turning to travel-booking websites that allow them to filter out flights operated by Boeing planes.

This would not be the first high-profile incident to concern a Boeing 777 this week. A United Airlines Boeing 777-300 was forced to return to Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport in Australia after an unidentified fluid gushed from its right rear landing strut. Last week, a different Boeing 777 lost a landing gear wheel, which crushed cars after it fell from the sky.

Original Boeing concerns began in January, when a Boeing 737 Max 9 lost a door plug at 16,000 feet over Portland, Oregon. Subsequent reports have shown that the four boltsintended to hold the door in place were missing. Subsequent investigations have revealed further concerning safety measures, such as using Dawn dish soap as lubricant.

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