American TikToker says moving to Paris ‘humbled him’

Moving across the world to a foreign, often glamorized country may sound like an enticing idea, but this TikToker’s first-hand account seems to suggest otherwise.

TikToker Enbe (@enbebaby123), a self-described “Director based in Los Angeles” per his Vimeo account, recently moved to Paris. While the exact reason for his move remains unknown, he has, however, shared the culture shock he’s since experienced.

“I just moved to Paris and the way this city has already humbled me is insane,” he begins while talking to the camera. Enbe then proceeds to describe a few situations that left him in awe including an incredibly awkward interaction with his new landlord.


“Okay, first thing off the bat, I get to my apartment and I am like, so beyond happy, because I just got off the plane, I’m jet lagged, but I’m also really lucky because it’s hard to get an apartment in Paris. I’m talking to my landlord and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, thank you so much. It worked out so easily…’ and I was talking kind of like this, fast, and he’s like ‘Shut up.'”

Enbe then clarifies his landlord’s intention behind that response.

“No, I don’t mean ‘shut up’ but slow down.”

Enbe complies, but his landlord then says something even more uncomfortable.

“Your voice,” the landlord begins. “Is lazy? You know? Like an ‘SNL’ skit. Like a joke.”

The landlord, of course, is referring to NBC’s long-running late-night sketch comedy show, “Saturday Night Live,” which is currently in its 48th season.

According to Enbe, he responded by saying thank you and nodding his head.

“I actually don’t even know what I did. I think I just blacked out. Like, what Okay.”

In a separate instance, Enbe recalls going to a restaurant and being seated at a four-top table.

“I sit down and I’m like, ‘I’m just gonna enjoy my meal alone,’ and then she seats a family at my table. She seats a grandpa and his grandchildren at my table. So I’m just sitting here with a random French family,” he explains.

“I realize everyone else probably thought we were together and then I looked like the weird brother or cousin that had headphones on, like writing down stuff and didn’t want to be part of the conversation.”

In his final, most recent anecdote, Enbe explains how his friends suggested he go out to the bar with them. After doing shots, he explains that he “got so violently ill in the streets of Paris” and “was sick all night.”

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