Andretti responds to F1 comments over bid

Andretti Cadillac has hit back at some of Formula 1’s comments in its decision to reject its entry bid for 2025 or 2026, explaining it was never aware of an offer of an in-person meeting,

F1 released a statement on Wednesday outlining the findings of its analysis into whether Andretti Cadillac would be allowed to join the grid from a commercial rights holder perspective, following approval from the FIA in sporting terms. In those findings, F1 called into question Andretti’s appreciation of the task of building a new car two years in a row, given the original bid had stated 2025 as a potential entry point.

“The fact that the applicant proposes to do so gives us reason to question their understanding of the scope of the challenge involved,” F1 stated.


Andretti Cadillac has responded, pointing out the reasoning for 2025 still being part of the application in theory but not the team’s target entry year.

“When Andretti Cadillac entered the FIA expression of interest process almost a year ago, the preferred first year of participation was indicated as 2025,” an Andretti Cadillac statement read. “The FIA approved our application, with no specific limitation on whether the entry was for 2025 or 2026.

“Andretti Cadillac has been operating with 2026 as the year of entry for many months now. The technicality of 2025 still being part of the application is a result of the length of this process.”

On top of that topic, there was also the revelation that an offer of an in-person meeting from F1 had not been accepted.

“Having had the opportunity to consider the applicant’s responses together with our own deliberations, we subsequently wrote to the applicant on 12 December, 2023 extending an invitation to an in-person meeting at our offices in order for the applicant to present its application, but the applicant did not take us up on this offer,” F1 claimed.

Andretti now says that invitation was not received, with AP reporting the email in question was from an FOM staff member and went into a junk folder.

“We were not aware that the offer of a meeting had been extended and would not decline a meeting with Formula One Management,” Andretti added. “An in-person meeting to discuss commercial matters would be and remains of paramount importance to Andretti Cadillac. We welcome the opportunity to meet with Formula One Management and have written to them confirming our interest.”

As a sign-off, Andretti once again says: “Our work continues at pace.”

Story originally appeared on Racer