This androgynous makeover transformation is embracing the fluidity of drag

On this episode of Dragged, host Thorgy Thor (@thorgythor) helps Laura find their place in the drag universe, with a unique look that proves the beautiful fluidity of drag.

“I’m so excited to be here, I love drag so much,” says the contestant. “But I haven’t really seen a place for myself in it, so I want to explore how I fit into drag, and maybe explore some gender fluidity.” Laura is looking for a look that’s “more androgynous,” and makes them feel like they “own the place,” without being “the princess.” Bubbling with excitement and ideas, Thorgy is ready to bring Laura’s vision to life!

First up is wardrobe with stylist Elle (, who having overheard Laura’s love for actress Fran Drescher, immediately reaches for an animal-print corset and flare pants combo. The garment gives the outfit a strong feminine energy, so Elle balances it with what she refers to as “my father’s jacket,” which brings a masculine energy to the look.

With wardrobe in good hands, Thorgie heads over to the glam station where Blue (@sheisblue_) is working her magic. “We wanted to go more androgynous, but we didn’t want to lose the glam,” explains the makeup artist. Plus, Blue shares that Laura loves glitter, so who is she to deprive the contestant of what they love? Blue gives Laura a glittery, dual eyeshadow look—one purple and one blue—which perfectly represents the fluid look Laura is looking for.


After some finishing touches, including a drawn-on mustache, a short black wig and some sparkly, lightning bolt earrings, Laura is finally ready for their big reveal!

Making their epic drag debut, Laura steps out as Mani! “I feel like the prettiest I’ve ever felt, but I feel so handsome at the same time, and every time I look in the mirror I just want to jump on myself,” they say.

“You are like emulating every gender, no gender,” adds Thorgy. “You are Mani.”