Another Car Theft Ring Has Been Busted

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Another Car Theft Ring Has Been Busted
Another Car Theft Ring Has Been Busted

Both in the US and Canada, law enforcement have been busting fairly large car theft rings in rapid succession lately. One of the latest, and a sizable bust, comes out of Michigan. Authorities say six men they apprehended were part of an organized criminal group which has stolen over 400 vehicles worth around $8 million.

A Washington man was busted for chasing after his own stolen truck.

Authorities say the men, who range in age from 18 to 25, had been swiping cars from communities all over southeastern Michigan to the western part of the state. They would turn around and instead of chopping the rides sell them whole to people at below the market rate, reports ABC News.


Unsurprisingly, these stolen vehicles would then be used in the commission of other crimes, including violent offenses like homicides and armed robberies. This is why we’ve been working to shine a light on the car theft problem even as others have tried dismissing it as no big deal.

We also know the money generated from selling stolen cars or their parts is often used to fund drug trafficking, human trafficking, and other crimes both domestically and internationally.

During the bust, police were able to recover seven stolen cars. That doesn’t sound like much compared to the number which the theft ring had taken, but it’s something we bet the owners appreciate.

In addition, police found at the scene car key fobs, burglary tools, auto parts, thousands of dollars in cash, and nine firearms. We wouldn’t be surprised if the group was using VIN rebirthing to pass the stolen rides off as legitimate.

Police did confirm the group was cloning key fobs for Dodge muscle cars and other high-horsepower vehicles. This follows the trend we’ve seen growing for years. If you own a performance or luxury ride, you should look at aftermarket security systems which prevent key cloning, as well as adding a couple of trackers to your ride.

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