Another Honda Accord Just Hit One Million Miles

million mile accord
Another Honda Accord Just Hit One Million MilesTX Accord / YouTube

The Honda Accord line is famous for its million mile durability, and that is not hyperbolic: at least one Accord has already crossed the million-mile mark. Over the weekend, another Accord joined the million-mile club.

The latest documented million-mile car, a 2003 V-6 coupe, is driven by Justin Kilmer in his work as a medical courier. That work involves a substantial amount of high-mileage driving, so Kilmer has been racking up miles on the car and documenting his journey on the YouTube channel TX Accord.

As Kilmer told The Drive back in January, more than 800,000 of those miles have been added to the car's odometer since he started doing medical deliveries back in 2015. That has necessitated a significant amount of work, but Kilmer has kept the car on the road and documented all of it. Some components, like spark plugs and clutches, have lived surprisingly long lives in his car. Others, like door lock actuators and the entire driver's seat, have been odd failure points for a car that has been on the road far, far longer than its original engineers had ever anticipated. The engine itself is still original, although it is developing issues and he had told The Drive that he plans to replace it once the car reached the milestone.

Kilmer's car officially hit the million mile mark over the weekend. As he predicted in a YouTube video last month, the main odometer froze at 999,999 miles while the trip odometer rolled over at the 1,000 mile interval he had set to document the occasion.

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