Another Rolls-Royce Has Been Stolen From A Valet

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Another Rolls-Royce Has Been Stolen From A Valet
Another Rolls-Royce Has Been Stolen From A Valet

A Rolls-Royce Cullinan valued at about $400,000 was stolen from a valet service at a hotel in Buckhead, Georgia recently. While that might be shocking, this is the second theft of a Rolls-Royce that had been left with a valet that we’ve covered in the past month.

A Corvette owner has the dashcam footage to prove a valet took his car joyriding.

The owner of the luxury SUV has worked hard, building up his own concrete company and saving for years to buy the dream ride. Yet it took a thief only moments to get the keys and drive off. What’s more, a valet just handed them over.


The valet in question was at a swanky hotel in Buckhead where the man and his wife were staying to celebrate their wedding anniversary, reports WSB. What should’ve been a joyous occasion turned sour after they checked out and waited over an hour for their vehicle to be brought around, only to find out it was gone.

It took the couple filing a lawsuit and subpoena just to get the surveillance footage of the theft from the hotel. Some businesses seem to care more about covering themselves than fessing up when an employee screws up.