Apple Watch Series 10 rumors: Release date, price, features and specs

 Apple Watch Series 10.
Apple Watch Series 10.

The latest Apple event brought with it the Apple Watch Series 9, which was all about refinements. Next year’s Series 10, on the other hand, looks to be a more dramatic upgrade, so let’s talk about it.

The Series 9 welcomed the S9 chip, a brighter 2000-nit display and new double tap gesture. So what could the Apple Watch Series 10 have in store? Well, surprise surprise, we don’t know a whole lot, and any rumors out there cannot be verified until Apple does the talking.

But to spoon feed you what little we do have, here’s what we know about the Apple Watch Series 10.

Apple Watch Series 10 release date

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claimed that the Apple Watch Series 10 is likely to align with the 10th anniversary of the device, and has dubbed the update “Watch X.”

Apple Watch Series 10
Apple Watch Series 10

The original Apple Watch was unveiled in September 2014 and launched in April 2015. So we could expect the Apple Watch Series 10 to launch sometime between September 2024 and April 2025.


Yep, you’re going to have to wait a while.

Apple Watch Series 10 price

The price for a base Apple Series Watch hasn’t changed since the Series 4, so I can only imagine that the starting price for the Apple Watch Series 10 is going to be the same: $399.

It’s entirely possible that the price could rise. That would suck, but it’s not out of the question. However, we don’t anticipate it getting any cheaper.

Apple Watch Series 10 design

According to Gurman, the Apple Watch Series 10 is meant to be the biggest overhaul of the watch yet.

Apple Watch Series 10
Apple Watch Series 10

Apparently, the Series 10 will have a thinner case and the attachment of the bands might be different as well. That could be a problem, especially since previous bands have been compatible with new watches up until now. But if Apple can’t get its monopoly on charging cables, then watch bands it is.

The new band system will be magnetic, but it’s still unclear if this will come to the Series 10 or later watches.

Apple Watch Series 10 specs and features

Jumping off the watch band switch, Apple might be going through the change to add in more components and expand the battery. It’d be nice to see the Apple Watch Series 10 with the biggest battery in an Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 10
Apple Watch Series 10

Apple is also exploring a microLED display for the Apple Watch Series 10, swapping over from the current OLED screens. That does worry me a little bit — when shiny new tech comes through, so do the excuses for driving up the price. Research shared by David Hsieh, an analyst at technology research firm Omdia, claims that Apple will implement 2.13-inch displays into a new Apple Watch in 2024. That’s a big leap from the current 1.7-inch screen.

According to Gurman, the company is also working on including technology for monitoring blood pressure. That’s actually pretty wild and could be very convenient for millions of people. Apple is also developing technology to monitor blood glucose, but that seems to be way further off in the future, since that typically needs to be measured by breaking the skin. Apple is cornering the market on health monitoring features, and according to its Apple Watch trailers, you’re liable to die without one (eye-roll).


The Apple Watch Series 10 won’t see the light of day for another year, but it’s more than likely we’ll get more leaks and rumors prior to its official launch. It might even be called Watch X, following in the iPhone’s footsteps.

However, as far as all of the aforementioned information goes, they’re still considered rumors until we get official statements from Apple. So be skeptical. For news, rumors, and updates on everything Apple Watch related, and all things tech, follow Laptop Mag on Twitter, Facebook, and Flipboard for the latest word as it arrives.