Arkansas Police PIT Pontiac, Which Flips And Catches Fire

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Arkansas Police PIT Pontiac, Which Flips And Catches Fire
Arkansas Police PIT Pontiac, Which Flips And Catches Fire

For some reason, the Pontiac Grand Prix seems to be a fairly popular vehicle for people to use when running from the police. They’re not particularly quick, but they’re not as gutless as a Nissan Sentra or Chevy Spark, which is why this fleeing suspect puts up a bit of a fight before getting the PIT. They should’ve just pulled over because the end result was their Pontiac flipping and catching fire.

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We don’t know much about this incident, which just happened on June 1. In the video, we see ASP Trooper Padgett join into an ongoing pursuit down a two-lane country road. The suspect seems to be really flogging that Grand Prix. For whatever reason, the lead vehicle pulls over and lets Trooper Padgett take point.

After getting to a good spot, the trooper sets up a PIT to bring the chase to a close. By this point, anyone who runs from the cops and doesn’t know a PIT maneuver might be used against them, especially in Arkansas, well we don’t know what rock they’ve been living under.

It’s likely a lot of these suspects think they have a hot enough of a vehicle and the driving skills to outrun ASP and other law enforcement. For most people that’s not even close to the truth but we live in a society where everyone thinks they’re awesome because they were born. Guess what: most people are average. And most people who run from cops seem to be below average in driving skills.

While it’s difficult to tell for sure, it looks like the Pontiac hits a slope on the side of a driveway, launching it into the air. We noticed the trooper didn’t go in for the PIT at a bridge, which could’ve been even worse. At least the two suspects who were in the car could be rescued before the thing caught fire, not that we expect them to be grateful for that.

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