Arkansas State Police Bust Street Racers

Dom Toretto they are not.

Street racing is a stupid thing to do for multiple reasons, one of them being if the cops catch you the penalties can be quite severe. Even worse than getting caught by law enforcement is running from them, especially if you live in Arkansas and are running from Arkansas State Police. We’ve seen their troopers in action in quite a few pursuits and know they don’t mess around.

Watch a Dodge Hellcat spread some mayhem in the City of Brotherly Love here.

According to Police Pursuits, the YouTube channel that posted this dashcam footage, multiple people called 911 to report a group of vehicles was stopping traffic on different Arkansas interstate highways to then hold street races. In other words they were doing freeway shutdowns, something we keep hoping would go away but sadly hasn’t. Since they involved bringing everyone to a standstill on a road where travelers are going fast and not expecting stops, this behavior is even more dangerous than city intersection takeovers.

As you can see in the video, we have multiple Dodges and at least one Mustang involved. However, troopers focus on a particular Charger. Is it because someone indicated before it did something especially egregious? Or was it the fact the driver panicked and punched the accelerator as troopers approached with lights and sirens going? We might never know.


Whatever the reason, the chase is on. It looks like the Dodge has at least a 392 under the hood from the way it’s moving. Later in the pursuit it becomes evident the trooper was likely holding back thanks to all the traffic around him, because he has no problem keeping up with the fleeing Charger, so perhaps both have the Pentastar V6.

One thing we’ve noticed about these particularly amateurish drivers who run from the cops is they often use their turn signals and leave them on like some senile grandpa. This person does just that during the chase as they struggle to put distance between them and the pursuing trooper. They also signal before turning at intersections. We think they’re not entirely clear on how to run from the cops, which might be a good thing.

However, just after that this driver starts really putting on the fancy moves, so perhaps signaling and such was a ruse to put the trooper at ease? He slips a PIT and takes a trooper for a nice tight chase through parking lots, blows through red lights, and basically racks up plenty more charges than if he’d just pulled over at the beginning of the pursuit. Eventually, his skills run out and he’s swarmed by troopers.

This is why you don’t run from the cops, kids.

Check out the video for yourself.

Images via YouTube

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