Arkansas State Trooper PITs Wrong Car, Retires From Force


PIT maneuvers rarely end well. They’re aggressive, dangerous, and far too often result in someone’s death. But if you’re a state cop who’s absolutely determined to enter a pursuit and to send a car spinning or flipping off the road, at least do this one little bit of due diligence: Make sure it’s the right car.

An Arkansas State Trooper learned this the hard way this past week, after he slammed the wrong car with a PIT maneuver on I-40. Dashcam footage from KARK shows a white or silver sedan passing the trooper, who then proceeds to fire off down the highway and smash into the first white sedan he sees. Y’know, cop stuff.

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Not a firing, not disciplinary action, but retirement. With a party, a cake, presumably some sort of gold watch and pension. I’m starting to see why people get into the cop business —- you can go speeding down the highway, careen into whatever car catches your eye, and get a break room party out of it. That’s protecting and serving if ever I’ve seen it.

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