Arkansas Trooper Gives Fleeing Harley A Little Tap

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Arkansas Trooper Gives Fleeing Harley A Little Tap
Arkansas Trooper Gives Fleeing Harley A Little Tap

Dealing with a suspect fleeing on a motorcycle can actually be a tricky proposition for cops. After all, they can’t PIT bikes like they do cars, trucks, and SUVs since that kind of maneuver could be fatal for the rider. While some hardline people think that’s a fitting punishment for fleeing from police, we think this little love tap an Arkansas trooper gave to this guy running on his Harley-Davidson is far more appropriate.

Watch a kid on a Honda Grom try outrunning police.

If you just watch the included dashcam footage it looks like the trooper just singles out the Harley rider for no reason at all. Some people might believe that motorcyclists are just persecuted or that the trooper has a beef with Harleys.

The reality is dispatch had already received several calls about the rider behaving recklessly while traveling on Interstate 30 in the Texarkana area. As a result, the trooper was there to pull the guy over and sort everything out.


Speeding was the initial reason for the traffic stop as the trooper clocked the rider at 78 mph in a 65 mph zone. After the trooper activates his lights, other cars in the same lane immediately pull over. However, the Harley rider doesn’t and instead decides to keep on going.

Instead of pushing the speed to insane levels, this rider just cruises along almost like nothing’s happening. The only indication he’s even trying to lose the trooper comes when he cuts across the gore point and takes an exit at the last minute. But on the off-ramp the guy stops at the stop sign, waiting to go like he doesn’t have a care in the world, only speeding off once the trooper tries deploying a taser.

After that, the guy picks up the pace but the chase doesn’t get too crazy. Considering he’s on a cruiser and not a sport bike, that’s probably wise. What would be even wiser is pulling over and just taking a ticket.

The trooper along with a colleague try boxing in the Harley but the rider out-skunked them. That’s when the suspect starts riding more like a maniac, almost hitting a semi-truck while passing on the grassy median. It was time to end the chase, so when the suspect exited the interstate again and slowed down, the trooper tapped the bike.

That little love tap caused the rider to lose control, launching him over a curb and into a grassy area where he went over the handlebars and the bike momentarily sat wheels-up. Was this excessive force or just the right amount? You tell us.