Arkansas Trooper Lets Fleeing Suspect Go Thanks To Medical Issue

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Arkansas Trooper Lets Fleeing Suspect Go Thanks To Medical Issue
Arkansas Trooper Lets Fleeing Suspect Go Thanks To Medical Issue

Arkansas State Police have quite the reputation for being hardnosed and ruthless when people lead them on chases. It seems many have the perception Arkansas troopers don’t have an empathetic bone in their body. But this dashcam footage of a chase back in March portrays a different story.

This is why cops can’t catch Dodge Hellcats.

The suspect uses his crappy little Chevy Cruze to run from a trooper. Initially what gets the trooper’s attention is the guy speeding, then the trooper realizes the car’s registration expired in 2022.

But when the guy notices the trooper sitting behind him at a red light, he takes off, exceeding the speed limit. Then the suspect makes a sudden turn into a McDonald’s. He did a good job of psyching the trooper out, but he wasn’t in fast enough of a ride to capitalize on that element of surprise.


From there this turns into a chase through the streets of Little Rock, but it’s not exactly high-speed. Still, a lot of cops take running from them like that personally, so when the suspect finally stops we were expecting the trooper to unload on him, verbally, that is.

The trooper maintains his composure even as the suspect isn’t entirely compliant. But he does control the traffic stop, not letting the suspect just do whatever he wants.

When the trooper asks why the guy was speeding, the suspect says something about trying to get home to get his medicine. We’re sure cops hear excuses like that, dying grandmas, and who knows what else all the time. So the trooper handcuffs the guy, who acts like he’s been personally insulted.

But the turning point in the conversation comes when the guy tells the trooper he has a tube in his stomach “and a lot of stuff going on.” The trooper checks and sure enough the guy does have a tube inserted in his abdomen.

Before the trooper lets the guy go, he lectures him on just stopping and explaining the situation instead of running from cops. Do some people not teach their kids that nothing good comes from fleeing police?

Let us know what you think: did the trooper make the right call in letting this guy go?

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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